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5 Reasons to Use Corded Power Tools

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Nowadays, cordless power tools are popular on the market. And many people choose to buy it since it is easy to be carries with people everywhere and it is easy to store. But it does not mean that you should abandon the corded power tools. In this article, we will tell you five reasons that you should not throw the corded tools out. Let us get to know together.


1. High top speeds


We know that many top corded power tools have good performance and the machine can work at its highest operational capacity since it can connected to a continuous stream of the power supply, which allows them have high range of torque settings. For example, corded drills have higher top rotational speeds, which can make them to be used for heavier applications. They can also be used for metal buffing wheels and paint stripping, and the small bits need higher rotation speeds to get the effective results.



2. Corded tools wont stop work until the power is cut.


Only there is power supply, the corded tools such as corded hand sander, corded metal grinder etc. can continuous work for people, which can increase the efficient of work and save the valuable time for people. But cordless tools may face the possibility of their batteries coming to a stop when people are in the middle of job.


3. More Ergonomic


Though light cordless power tools such as cordless drills are lighter in weight and compacter in shape, but the user will take longer time to finish the job due to they can become more uncomfortable when using on heavier applications. On the contrary, the heavy corded power tools can limit long term using it because the weight of tool will make the user causing fatigue.


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4. More reliable

Since the mini cordless power tools use the batteries to work, it will cause the power supply problem. So, the professional workers will not use cordless tools all the way in order to save the valuable time. They will choose to use corded tools for heavier applications in order to get the job done. What is more, seen from the long term, the battery capacity will dwindle gradually, and replacing new pack of batteries is also expensive, which will cause the cost increased.


5. Cheaper


As mentioned above, power tools with cord seem more economic. And they are cheaper than cordless tools in price. The only disadvantage is that the corded power tools with different bits will take a lot of storage space and you need to consider how to store them without any damage and keep them have good performance always. And usually it needs use the extension wires when using outdoors, these accessories all need you to find a big store space for them. For some people who do not often use it, they can rent from stores. In this way, the users do not worry about they will occupy the space of garage. Of course, for professional workers who often use these tools, they had better to store them in the warehouse. 

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