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Analysis about the Domestic Power Tool Industry

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As a mechanized tool, electric tool has the advantages of light structure and convenient portability. As the most widely used hardware tool in the whole society, it has been widely used in various fields. In recent years, the domestic power tool industry has shown a rapid development trend. In the power tool market, the sales volume of domestic power tools has accounted for 90% of the total sales, while various imported brand products only account for 10% of the market share. In the foreign power tool market, my country's manufacturing ratio continues to expand. China has become a foreign power tool production base, and the industry has great potential for development. In this article, we will mainly analyze for you the domestic electric tool industry and major bottlenecks which need to be broken.


In order to maintain a rapid development trend in our country's power tool industry, it is urgent to break through the following bottlenecks.


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1. Compared with the high level in the international market, our country's electric tool production technology and management level is low, and the product function is single. In order to become bigger and stronger in the international market competition, it is urgent to expand the mid-to-high-end market share, and the international market competitiveness of products needs to be further improved.


2. Due to the low entry barriers of our country's power tool industry, the investment in independent innovation, product development, brand cultivation, etc. is relatively small, and the awareness of power tool products with independent intellectual property rights in the international market is far from enough. And the international marketing network has not yet been effectively established. Independent innovation capabilities and brand awareness must be further strengthened.


3. The export of foreign trade is facing a severe situation, and the price of raw materials rises, which causes the production cost to continue to rise, and the export benefit of products declines. In addition, the continuous appreciation of the currency has made the export of power tools even worse. There are still many difficulties to be overcome if domestic power tool industry wants to achieve new results in foreign trade exports.



4. In recent years, our country’s status as a major exporter of power tools is increasingly being challenged by developing countries. The level of national technology and management has been improved to a large extent, and the cost of labor and raw materials is relatively low, which has brought our country’s power tool industry with great competitive pressure, and international competition is becoming increasingly fierce.


According to the "2011 China Electric Tool Motor Market Analysis and Research Report", our country's electric tool market is becoming more mature, and brand awareness and brand effects will be prominent. In the next few years, the share of domestic power tools will further increase. As the demand for power tools continues to heat up, it will promote the production and operation of related enterprises in our country to develop in a favorable direction, and the industry prospects are promising.

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