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Besides Wood, What Other Materials Are For Carving?

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In the selection of carving materials, the color, surface texture, strength, smell and other aspects of materials should be considered. According to the materials used, it can be divided into wood carving, stone carving, tooth carving, bone carving, lacquer carving, shell carving, root carving, ice carving, clay sculpture, dough sculpture, ceramic sculpture, gypsum sculpture, etc. Carving tools include mini angle grinder, engraving pen, electric rotary tools, etc.



1. Stone Carving

Stone is the oldest carving material. There are many kinds of stone. It is a kind of natural material with strong quality and rich resources and its durability is dominant. For example, there are some grotto statues in many places, such as the terracotta warriors and horses. Stone carving is often made of granite, marble and other hard stones. Secondly, there are colored stones of various colors, inlaid in the stones, which have a special charm. In addition to the quality, the compressive strength, wear resistance, hardness, texture and color of stone should also be considered. Only when these are fully considered can the stone sculptures be fully displayed. Stone carving equipment includes stone carving hand tools, stone sculpture tools, etc.


58-1- stone sculpture tools


2. Plastic

Plastic is a kind of synthetic resin. It is a kind of material evolved by chemical means, which is artificial. Plastic is easy to get. It is malleable and easy to be colored. Its waterproof also plays a great role. But plastic is not easy to be preserved, so it can only play a role of embellishment.



3. Bone Carving

It refers to the bones of animals and even the bones of fish. Unlike wood carvings, bone carvings are difficult to cut. Bone carving does not produce too much dust, so it does not need too many sculpting tool kit.


 46-1-polishing tool

4. Ice Sculpture

Ice is a free material created by nature. The ideal temperature range for cutting ice is -7~-5°C (18-20°F). When it goes out of this range, it may need to be re frozen. The ice needs tempering, which can be done with a blowtorch, or it can simply be left at room temperature until the ice begins to sweat. If people work outside in the cold, they only need to heat it every 10-12 minutes to keep it at the ideal temperature.



5. Vegetable Carving

Carving vegetables is a totally different experience. Different kinds of vegetables have different carving experience. Vegetables with fiber, such as acorn squashs, carrots and even pumpkins are very suitable for carving with sculpting knife. Zucchini, avocado and chili are also good. Too many water-based vegetables can carve images on the surface of vegetables, such as cucumbers, but they are easy to fall off, so it should be avoided.


The choice of carving materials will directly affect the final effect of carving and different materials also give people different visual experience. Only when there is a clear understanding of the material, can the final work be shown incisively and vividly. Engraving tools include metal sculpting tools and miniature clay sculpting tools, etc.


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