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Common techniques for wood cutting

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There are many common uses for a tool shop rotary tool. But rotary tools are also used for various other tasks, including: cutting curves in tile (just add a tile-cutting bit); sharpening your chainsaw. And now I’d like to introduce some techniques for wood cutting.



1.Tangential cutting    


Tangential cutting is sawing along the trunk main axis or wood grain direction by using a premium diamond rotary saw blades set and perpendicular to the radius of trunk section. According to the different grain of tangential section, it can be used as one of the bases to identify wood.

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This method is the simplest and most cost-effective way for timber mills. Cut parallel through the trunk, and saw the board wide by diamond rotary saw blades, which is relatively easy to operate and causes the least waste. This is one of the reasons why most solid wood furniture in the market is tangential cutting board. Of course, the texture produced by this cutting method is also called beautiful wood grains as "big pattern", "strong sense of wood grain", "landscape texture" and so on.



2.Engraved cutting


This cutting method is perpendicular to the cross section of wood rings, the texture of the cutting surface is very straight, and the wood cutting by small rotary saw is relatively difficult to deform. The wood grain made by this processing method is straight and has unique pith markings.


Compared with tangential cutting, engraving cutting is more troublesome and causes more waste, so the cost is higher. Compared with the modern method, it will save a lot, but the cost is higher than tangential cutting.



3.Radial cutting 


This way of cutting is similar to engraved cutting. The cutting method is perpendicular to the cross section of wood rings, and the texture of the cutting surface is straight, so the wood cutting by hand held rotary saw is relatively difficult to deform. Compared with tangential cutting and engraved cutting, radial cutting causes the most waste, then the cost is the highest. The wood grain produced by this processing method is straighter.


After reading the above explanation, we should know how to cut the plates used in our solid wood furniture. At present, tangential cutting is the most popular method, because it has the highest efficiency and the least waste. However, due to the characteristics of logs, sometimes a certain part of the tree will have defects when it was cut off with a rotary wood tool, such as waterline, mineral line, scar, bug eye and so on.


In order to maximize the utilization rate of materials, wood processing plants should adopt a mixed method. That is to say, the same log will use tangential cutting and engraved/radial cutting by some rotary cutting tools. This is why most solid wood furniture has both large patterns and straight lines, which can minimize waste and make full use of wood.




Safety tips for rotary tools


First, when rotating drill bit comes into contact with other substances, it will produce tiny particles such as metal, glass or plastic dust. These tiny particles can easily enter your eyes and airway, so wear goggles and dust mask, and the tiny dust cased by rotary abrasive tool set can easily accumulate in the ventilation openings of the workplace, so check the ventilation openings regularly and remove the blockage, and try to work in a well-ventilated environment so as to better prevent respiratory diseases. If you have enough economic conditions, you can also install an air purification system to keep the air clean and safe.


Secondly, a sharp drill bit rotates at high speed, which will cause some damage if your hands shake. Therefore, gloves should be used to enhance the friction with the hand tool file rotary. Moreover, your workbench must be fixed, which can reduce the influence of other things on the rotary tool. After a period of use, the rotary tool will generate heat, so don't touch the drill bit immediately after working, and after working for a long time, to stay for a certain time to cool the workshop.


Finally, remember that Mibond power rotary tools belong to electrical appliances, so avoid using wet hands or placing them on wet ground, and ensure that the environment of power outlets is safe.

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