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Do You Know How to Drill?

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Under normal circumstances, drilling refers to a processing method in which a drill is used to make holes on the product. For example, when people process the jade, firstly they will use power rotary tool with different bits to cut the rough stones, and then use the small stone grinder or handheld grinding tool to grind it, and then drill one hole on it for people to hang it on the neck. On the market, there are different drills for different uses, such as rotary hammer drill etc. Of course, the electric rotary tools also can drill on soft materials and hard materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, drywall, gypsum board ceilings and so on. The key is that you must attach right bits for rotary tools or power stone grinder, such as drill bits or router bits. Then do you know how to drill? In this article, we will tell you some steps.


Generally speaking, when drilling products on a drilling machine, the drill bit should complete two movements simultaneously.


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1) The main motion, that is to say, the rotary motion of the drill bit around the axis, which is cutting motion.


2) Secondary movement, that is to say, the linear movement of the drill toward the workpiece along the axis.


When drilling, because of the flaws in the structure of the drill, it will leave traces on the processed parts of the product, which will affect the quality of the workpiece. And the processing accuracy is generally below IT10, and the surface roughness is about Ra12.5μm, which belongs to the rough machining category.


Drilling operation process


1. Marking: Before drilling by rotary tool with drilling bit, you should draw the mark on the products according to the drawing requirements. In this way, it can avoid to drill wrong position. Of course, you had better to use the special tool to make the mark for drilling. Firstly, you need find the position of the hole and measure in a caliper or steel ruler and draw the center line of the hole. And the center line should be clear and accurate.


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2. Draw inspection grid or inspection circle: After you draw the right lines, the inspection grid or inspection circle with the center line of the hole should be drawn during trail drilling, so that it can correct the borehole orientation.


3. Proofing and punching: After drawing out the corresponding check square or check circle, you should firstly make a small spot, and measure in different directions of the center line of the cross, so that you can see if the punch is hit at the intersection of the center line of the cross before punching in small rotary tool.


4. Clamping: First of all, you should wipe the machine table and fixture surface with a rag to make them clean before clamping the workpiece. And as requirement the clamping should be flat and fixed.


5. Drilling: After testing, you can drill with handheld rotary tool as required. But you should pay attention to the feed force to avoid the hole axis from skewing. 

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