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Do You Know about These Stone Carving Tools?

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Chinese stone carving has a long history. There are two forms of stone sculpture, round sculpture and relief sculpture. Here are seven kinds of traditional Chinese stone carving tools. Stone carving equipment includes stone sculpture tools, stone carving hand tools, etc.



1. Sculpting Knife

Sculpting knife is for scraping, chipping, pasting, picking, pressing, plastering and modeling. It can be divided into three kinds. The first is metal tools, which are made of steel (blueing, rust proof), stainless steel, brass, etc. The blade is divided into oblique triangle, willow leaf, Mao leaf and arrow shape. Some edges are serrated. The second is non-metallic tools, made of bamboo, wood, bone, ivory, horn, plastic and other materials. The shapes of large cutting tools are sole shape, cuttlefish bone shape, thumb shape, oblique triangle shape, etc. The shapes of small cutting tools are water caltrop, small foot, ball and strip shape, etc. The third type is scraper, which can cut shape and make draperies. There are all kinds of circular arc and square double-sided scraper.


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2. Stone Chisel

Stone chisel is a steel rod-shaped stone carving tool. The lower end is wedge-shaped or conical and there is a cutting edge at the end. The upper end is knocked by a hammer to force on the lower edge. According to the shape of the cutting edge, it can be divided into pointed chisel, flat chisel, semicircle chisel and tooth chisel. It is a basic tool for stone carving.



3. Stone Hammer

Stone hammers are knocking tool applied to knock stone chisels or wood carving knives to carve stone and wood. They are divided into three sizes, large, medium and small. The flower hammer is also a stone carving hammer, which directly strikes the stone with the hammer surface, creating a rough, thick and integrated sculpture feeling. The chopping axe is to cut the stone surface directly, cutting out neat parallel thin lines, which can enhance the sense of direction and rhythm of the sculpture.



4. Wood Carving Knife

Wood carving knives are generally composed of blade, handle and iron hoop. According to the cutting edge shape, there are four kinds of knives, flat, inclined, triangular and round. According to the shape of the neck, there are two kinds, curved neck and straight neck. Each type has its own big, medium and small size.



5. Bow Handle

Bow handles are calipers for sculpture. It can measure the distance and has two ivory shaped clamping feet that can be opened and closed. The bending degree of the clamping feet can be changed at any time.


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6. Proportional Bow Handle

The proportional bow handle is a measuring tool for sculpture magnification.



7. Point Profiler

Point profiler is a three-dimensional positioning instrument, which is to copy stone and wood carvings. Find out three datum points on the plaster image and align and fix them with the positioning steel needle on the point profiler. The movable parts can be locked at any space position on the statue with the sliding parts, universal joint and pointer on the point profiler, . Move the point profiler to the stone or wood and align the steel needle with the corresponding reference point, then the pointer can mark the points on the plaster statue on the stone or wood. In this way, it can be accurately reproduced into stone and wood carvings.


In addition, pencil, level instrument and other tools should also be prepared. Safety protection is very important when carving, so both professionals and amateurs should be equipped with safety equipment, such as earplugs, gloves and goggles. Modern electric stone carving tools include stone polishing tools, grinder electric, portable drill press, etc.


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