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Do You Know the Difference Between Corded and Cordless Power Tools?

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In daily life, people often use different power tools, such as mini spice grinder, small wood grinder etc. Generally speaking, it is divided into corded and cordless power tools. Which one is better? It seems that the debate about them is a polarizing topic. Some people think cordless one is better than corded one, since they think cordless one is more convenient when using, and corded power tools need rely on unadulterated power to complete the job. In this article, we will tell you the difference between the two types of power tools, and let you further know them.


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Corded tools


In fact, each type has its pros and cons. The corded electric tools can get the continuous power supply by connecting to the electric source, so that they can use powerful motors with a high range of torque settings to work at its highest operational capacity. The key is that corded tools can be used to exert a high amount of torque, in comparison, cordless tools are not available. It is the pros of corded tools. But there are cons for corded tools as well. It cannot be carried with you everywhere. Sometimes you need extend cords with long cables to do things or do jobs by connecting the machine to a generator. Of course, it is not a hassle free process. There is another challenge is that you need find the right place to store the cored tools. If you can find ways to store them without any damage, it is good. And it is a good way to use pegboards to store them, but you need to pay the extra expense for it. There is another way which can help you to save money on them, you can rent them when using, is it a good way for you?


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Cordless tools


We know that best power tools on the market can be recharged by lithium-ion batteries. These removable batteries usually have a relatively long charge cycle for people to use the cordless electric toolsOne of the pros is that Lithium-ion batteries will not lose power if the tool is not in use for a long time. And they are optimized to occupy less space and have good quality to make people’s life easier. It is the biggest disadvantage of cordless power tools. And it is easy to be carried with you everywhere. You need not reply on the wall outlet for power. Of course, it is easy to store and occupies less space. Most models are with the containers to store them. You just put them in drawers or shelves after get your job done. Then what are the advantages of cordless power tools? We know that not all tools have light weight batteries, even the most advanced batteries will run out of charge eventually. Some cordless tools become rather heavy due to the weight of battery. And the time spent charging the battery is longer, which will influence the efficient of work, especially for the urgent work. After all, sometimes work time is valuable for people. 

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