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Do you know what the carving techniques of carving art are?

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Carving refers to cutting or carving wood, stone or other materials into the desired shape. Tools serving this purpose include knives, chisels, round chisels, cones, flat axes and hammers, but in modern times, there are more mini rotary tools. In the most common carving method, one hand holds a chisel, the other hand holds a mallet, and then the chisel is knocked into wood or stone with a mallet. The tool method is the technique that the sculptor uses to embody his creative conception, and it is also the means to reveal the artistic content vividly. Some metalworking techniques and electrical rotary tools have gradually become important in the past century. Let's learn some carving techniques first.



Some carving techniques


1.Micro-carving, as its name implies, is a carving technique that is known for its subtlety.


2.Round carving, also known as three-dimensional carving, is the overall expression of art on carved pieces.



3.Relief carving, that is, a three-dimensional image carved on the stone or other materials surface by using rotary power tools, is a semi-three-dimensional sculpture.


4.Hollow carving and chain carving, with the development of time, the theme of carving has been broadened and the carving techniques have been enriched and developed. On the basis of round carving techniques, hollow carving and chain carving have appeared.


5.Transparent carving, in the relief work, the protruding image part is reserved, and the back part is partially hollowed out by wood rotary file rotary tools, which is called transparent carving.


6.Sinking carving is to paint images on rocks with smooth natural ecology or on the surfaces of building components such as beeches, stone pillars, wall blocks, etc., and then carve recesses to create three-dimensional sense by using shadows. Most of them are cliff plaques, inscriptions and couplets.


7.Line carving, line carving and sinking carving have similarities in artistic concepts, but different carving techniques.


8.Thin carving, that is, very shallow relief by using rotary rasp rotary tools power tools, because the carving layer is thin and rich in painting.


9.Seal cutting, seal cutting occupies an important position in Chinese cultural tradition.


10. Button carving refers to the carving of the button decoration on the upper part of the seal, which belongs to the category of round carving and has rich three-dimensional sense, you can choose rotary tools grinding for this kind of carving.



Rotary tool projects 


Because of its strong adaptability, rotary tools can be widely used in many DIY projects. You can try to use saw blade rotary tools instead of other electric tools, such as drill bits, sanding machines and chainsaws. Especially when you want to carry out fine motor control or work in a narrow space, you can choose rotary ratchet tools, and you can also use rotary tools in craving. Generally speaking, rotary tools can complete the following projects.


15 (1)

1.Carve designs into wood, stone or metal surfaces. 

2.Cut and sand wood or plastic. 

3.Etch mirrors or glass, including windowpanes, tumblers and glass tables. 

4.Cut tile for installing plumbing or for custom backsplashes and flooring. 

5.A best rotary cutting mat can help to cut sheet metal into unique shapes to create jewelry, home decor or custom home repairs. 

6.Sharpen knives, chainsaws or other blades. 

7.Polish jewelry and devices, including laptops and smartphones. 

8.Remove rust from devices and metal appliances.


If you want to use some multifunctional rotating tools in the engraving process, you can learn more about the rotary tool kit and choose the Mibond rotary tools suitable for engraving.


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