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Eight carving techniques

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The original stone is stiff, cold and lifeless, but in the eyes of jade carving masters, it is transparent and vivid. They saw life, themselves and the great wisdom of Chinese culture from stone, and shape the different materials by rotary tools grinding. Feel the vastness of the universe between mountains and rivers, and experience the essence of Chinese culture passed down for thousands of years.


Carving is an ancient art, and the general carving process starts from the outside, carving the desired shape from the outside of the material with hand rotary tool. According to Chinese jade carving techniques, it can be divided into eight carving techniques, namely: line carving, thin carving, round carving, relief carving, inner carving, concave carving, color carving and hollow carving.



Line carving


Line carving, as its name implies, is to carve patterns in the form of lines on the surface of jade articles by using rotary tool bits. As the name implies, it is expressed by using a single line on the surface of jade. Its advantage is that it can engrave very fine words or patterns on the surface of jade pieces.



Thin carving


That is, a shallow and thin relief which is picturesque. The products carved with rotary tool accessory set have always been famous for their "emphasis on elegance, exquisite workmanship and close to painting theory". It is a unique art that integrates calligraphy, seal cutting and painting, and lies between painting and carving.



Round carving


Round carving is a three-dimensional sculpture, also known as three-dimensional carving. It is the overall expression of art on carvings, and viewers can see all sides of objects from different angles. It requires engravers to engrave from front, back, left, right, top, middle and bottom by using some mini rotary tool kits. Good round carving works have the characteristics of distinct and strong subject, which makes people see at a glance, and can get more information from its shape, subject, lines and other aspects, and have a broader artistic conception.



Relief carving


The spatial structure of relief can be a three-dimensional form or a plane form; It can be attached to a certain carrier or exist relatively independently. The difference between relief and round carving lies in its relative planarity and three-dimensionality. According to the different image modeling and the depth of stone removal, it can be divided into bas-relief and high relief. The bas-relief is a single-level statue with a single content; High reliefs are multi-level statues with complicated contents.


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Inner carving


Internal carving is a jade carving technique that goes deep into the interior of jade materials to carve round carvings and relief shapes. Internal carving is a complicated process, carving two or three layers of scenery inside and outside on a piece of jade material with mini rotary tools set, which is called "unique skill" by the jade carving industry. The main carvings are birds, flowers, grass, etc. Carving must be fine, and the characters, animals and plants in every kind of fence must have a vivid feeling.



Concave carving


Contrary to relief carving, a concave pattern or shape is carved on a plane. It is a carving technique that engraves the surface of the carved material and uses rotary tool carving, and then forms a depression, so that the characters or patterns are recessed below the line edge, which is lower than the plane of the material. Depending on skilled and accurate techniques, the lines have the effects of beginning and end, setback and depth.



Color carving


Color carving is to use the color and texture of jade to blend it into the creative theme, so that the work shaped by rotary tool accessories kit has a sense of coincidence. The most important thing of color carving is ingenuity. Only when "ingenuity" is appropriate and complement with sculptor, can his works have artistic appeal and make the viewer feel the heart and have a lasting aftertaste.



Hollow carving


Hollow carving, also known as transparent carving, means that carving is not limited to one side of the jade material, but use some rotary files rotary tools to penetrates the jade material, so that there are many spaces communicating with both sides in the jade piece.


The exquisite carving technique interprets the temperament of the material itself properly. But in the process of carving, Mibond lithium rotary tools are also indispensable.

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