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Five Best Wood for Carving

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Material selection is very important in woodcarving creation. Here are some very suitable wood for carving.



1. Requirements for Wood Carving

Wood should not be too hard. The structure can be thick and thin. For decoration, the material color, pattern or texture should be beautiful and unique. Sometimes it can be applied to carve some kind of decoration with tools used in sculpture and the paint and adhesive properties are required to be excellent. It is easy to cut with cutting grinder machines and it does not collapse or break. It has small shrinkage, no cracking or deformation. The best are buxus linn, pyrus linn, euonymus, dalbergia odorifera, ormosia microphylla, sappanwood, walnut, cinnamomum camphora, litchi wood, longan wood, cassia siamea lams, Sabina, and imported mahogany and bubinga, etc.


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2. Several Kinds of Wood Suitable for Carving

(1) Red Sandalwood

The best wood is red sandalwood. It is a precious wood, produced in tropical Asia, brown purple. It is solid and delicate, commonly known asmahogany. Carved by wood scraping tools and highly polished by polishing tool, it is black jade color and extremely beautiful. It is suitable for fine carving and is mostly for high-grade crafts and practical crafts.


(2) Ebony

Ebony is also a valuable wood. It is produced in Hainan, China. It has solid texture, black color and wood grain, commonly known as ebony wood. There are true and false ebony wood. It is true to sink in water. If it does not sink in water, it is false. It is suitable for fine carving and mostly for high-grade crafts.


(3) Mahogany

Mahogany is also a valuable imported timber, which is produced in tropical areas of Southeast Asia. The texture is crisscross and beautiful. The material is solid and slightly rough. Its color is light yellow and red at the beginning and turns purple after a long time. It is extremely beautiful after it is highly polished and waxed by best polisher. It is suitable for making all kinds of exquisite small craft carvings and mahogany furniture carvings with sculpting tool set.


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(4) Buxus Microphylla

Raw materials for wood carving, such as Hainan yellow pear wood and small leaf red sandalwood, have reached the stage of scarcity. In addition, the most suitable sculpture wood is buxus microphylla.


The material of buxus microphylla is very fine and hard, which is the best material for fine carving. Its material density is very high and rich in oil. Because of the slow growth and other reasons, the stability of the wood is very strong, so it will not easily deform and crack after it is carved into wood carving crafts with small sculpting tools. The color of buxus microphylla is very elegant, which is known asivory in wood. The generous yellow has been much deepened by time. After polished by electric grinder tools, buxus microphylla has ivory like texture, delicate and moist.


(5) Black Walnut

Black walnut is considered to be one of the harder wood, but its rich texture and color can make beautiful carving. Because of its visual appeal, many sculptors use it for relief carving, although it is difficult to carve with mini sculpting tools. Therefore, when black walnut is carved, make sure to apply the appropriate professional sculpting tools, to prevent the hand from too much pressure.


After various wood styles are understood, people can know which kind of wood is most suitable for different carving requiements.

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