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How Can We Extend the Service Life of the Electric Grinder?

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There are many different models and names for electric grinders. The electric grinder can be held in one hand and has a high-speed motor with multiple adjustments. The output shaft (pen end) of the motor can be connected with drill bits, milling cutters, grinding wheels, grinding heads, cutting discs and other accessories through several kinds of chucks.


Electric grinders are not suitable for large-size and hard workpieces, mainly because of the limited size of accessories and slow processing speed. Therefore, it is not recommended that families buy high-power electric grinders.


The common forms of electric grinder mainly include rechargeable electric grinder and portable electric grinder. Specifically, the electric grinder has the following four fixing methods.


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Four Fixing Methods of Electric Grinder


Hand-held electric grinder is more flexible in operation, suitable for curve cutting and corner grinding.


The bracket electric grinder is equipped with F-shaped clamps, which can be fixed on the edge of the table. The bracket can generally be raised, and the electric grinder can be hung on the top of the bracket. This method needs to be used with the extension of the soft shaft. The soft shaft is fixed on the electric grinder motor shaft with a chuck, and the other end of the soft shaft has a steel shaft to match the chuck to output power. Most of the accessories used in the electric grinder can be connected to the short shaft. The disadvantage of the flexible shaft is that it amplifies the vibration and has a limited life.


The U-shaped clamp electric grinder is horizontally fixed on a higher step, and the output shaft is also horizontal. At this time, both hands hold the workpiece to cut and polish the workpiece uniformly, similar to the usage of a grinder.


The electric grinder fixed on the bench drill table is not recommended. It is better to buy a professional bench drill and milling machine.


In summary, the electric grinder has various forms. By replacing various accessories, it can complete the leveling, cleaning, grinding, polishing and other procedures of small and medium-sized workpieces.


How to extend the life of the electric grinder is worth discussing below.


When you are running a construction site, the equipment costs for power tools will increase rapidly. It is very important to give employees timely training to take care of these appliances. Otherwise, you will spend unnecessary funds every year to supplement the supply.


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Five Tips to Ensure Long Service Life of Electric Tools


1. Store the power tool in a suitable location. In order to prevent metal rust or damage, please install a safety system to place the power tool in the storage box.


2. Replace consumables regularly. When the roto hammer drill, rotary saw blade and sandpaper connected to the power tool become dull, in order to prevent them from wearing the gear system of your power tool, please replace these wearing parts in time.


3. Clean the power tool. Please use workshop vacuum and compressed air to remove all dust. Then, use a hard brush or steel wool to remove rust. Do not press hard, otherwise scratches will be left.


4. Charge the battery at the right time. If your power tool is cordless, you can follow some best practices to keep the battery in use for a long time.


5. Create a list for employees. It is necessary to provide employees with checklists to fill out to ensure that they have followed all appropriate steps to operate electrical rotary tools and drills and cutters.

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