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How Much Do You Know about Carving Wooden furniture?

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Nowadays, woodcarving is constantly innovating on the basis of fully inheriting fine traditions and unique styles, and is going to the domestic and foreign markets. Then how to carve wooden furniture? We know that it needs to use different power tools such as different woodworking tools such as power hand sander, power grinding tools, power rotary cutting tools etc. except the advanced making technology. Here we will introduce the relevant knowledge of carving wooden furniture.


What tools need to be used for carving wooden furniture?


1. Pencils and markers. The pencil first makes gestures, and the marker draws the final draft according to the design.

2. Power tool with drill bits. Some hollow parts need to be drilled first.

3. Versatile power tools such as power carving tools, hand carving tools, wire saw, which is used to cut off unnecessary parts according to the finalized drawing.

4. The mahogany file large with different sizes, because the material has the certain hardness, which requires a file with a higher hardness,

5. Sandpapers and the essential woodworking tools


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Carefully crafted


Usually the wooden furniture needs to be carefully crafted. The main performance is:

1. The decorative flavor is stronger.

2. The distinctive integrity is more prominent.

3. The combination of practicality and carving is more harmonious.

4. The subject matter content is more abundant and the applicability is stronger.


Usually, the major series of products are finely carved with world-famous woods, and incorporate various carving techniques such as flat knife block surface method, round knife carving method, relief carving, low carving, hollow carving and open carving. And through carving, it fully reflects the Chinese culture with long, broad and profound. So, every piece of carved furniture is a work of art. The thinking of the master sculptor and the cultural connotation to be conveyed are incorporated. Nowadays, hand-carved furniture and high-end solid wood furniture are favored by consumers because of the artistic beauty of carving and the environmental protection. And handmade furniture and solid wood furniture are truly healthy furniture and environmentally friendly furniture.

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The furniture sanding is to make the surface of the furniture smooth. From coarse sanding to fine sanding, 12 sandpapers are required. Each sander must thoroughly polish the traces left by the upper road, and finally use the finest sandpaper to clean the furniture. The polished surface is extremely smooth. This is a purely manual process and an important process link for handmade furniture. We can say that the 12-pass sanding process is to sand the furniture with 12 different types of sandpaper. These 12 different types of sandpaper also have their own divisions in the furniture polishing process. For example, 120~600 models of sandpaper are used to polish the basic shape of furniture, 600~1500 models of sandpaper are used to polish the details of furniture, and 1500~2500 models of sandpaper. It is to make the furniture more charming, so this step is also called water polishing. When polishing the corners and corners of the object, you must use appropriate force, the movement must be light, and the original round or square outline must be maintained. 

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