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How Should A Novice Manicure Pets?

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Too long nails of dogs will bring them troubles and a certain amount of damage, not only will it affect their walking, but they will also hurt their skin and flesh due to long back bends. Therefore, the owner still has to learn to trim the dog's nails regularly, and it is appropriate to cut it every 6-8 weeks. Tools for cutting nails for pet dogs include adjustable rotary tool and grinder metal cutter.


Causes of Dog Cutting Nails


1. Prevent deformation of claw fingers.


Long and curved nails can make dogs very uncomfortable when walking, especially on the tiled floor of the house. If things go on like this, this time it will seriously affect the dog's gait, and the fingers will also be deformed. Long nails that are bent into the flesh may also pose serious harm to dogs.


74-1-rotary file drill bits for metal

2. Prevent the dog from hurting the owner by accident.


Long nails may harm the children at home and prevent the owner from getting close to the puppy.


3. Scrape the wooden floor at home.


Dogs have long nails, and under grief, they will think of ways to polish them. Sofas and wooden floors in the house are all places where dogs grind their nails.


How to Cut Nails for Dogs?


The nails of pet dogs are very hard. After deciding where to cut, the final cut should be decisive. Because dogs usually shrink their paws when they find that you want to move their nails, and the owner's hesitation can also give the dog a signal of anxiety. Never use scissors to pinch your dog's nails when he shrinks his paws. It must be a very uncomfortable thing.


1. First, prepare the tools. Choose different nail clippers according to the dog's body type. For those with big nails, it is recommended to choose a hollow sickle type. In addition, some items are necessary, such as rotary file drill bits for metal, rotary tool cutter and mini hand grinder.


74-2-electric grinder pen

2. Soothe the dog's emotions or divert its attention. If it is a large dog, two people can help when cutting. One person distracts the dog and gives it some petting, while another person cuts his nails with a mini electric tool. If it is a person who cuts it by himself, it is necessary to soothe the dog's emotions before cutting. You can cut the dog in your arms.


3. When building, the owner can let the dog stand on the table and clamp its head under his arm to prevent it from hurting you when it struggles. After comforting the dog, hold the nail to be cut with your hand, and hold the finger scissors or metal cutting shears tightly.


4. The trimmed length cannot be cut to the blood line. Dog nails are white, you can see the obvious red part. If the nails are black, the owner can put the dog's feet on the table, just touching the face. Don't cut it too short.


5. After trimming, use a steel sand board or other polishing tools to polish the edges of the nails to avoid scratching the dog's nails. Generally, the available tools are dog nail grinder, electrical foot grinder and electric grinder pen.


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