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How to Carve Wood?

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Wood carving is a kind of sculpture. It generally selects fine and tough, not easy to deform tree species as materials, such as nanmu, red sandalwood, camphor, cypress, ginkgo, eaglewood, mahogany, longan and so on. The production process of wood carving generally has the following steps. Wood sculpting tools include sculpting knife, wood sculpting power tools, carving pencils, etc.



1. Steps

(1) Dehumidification

Wood with too much moisture cannot be carved. Wet wood will deform after a long time, so it must be dried. Sun exposure will lead to wood deformation and cracking, so the usual dehumidification method is to put the wood in a cool and dry place or basement and let it dry naturally.


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(2) Drawing Shape

After the necessary cutting and planing of the selected wood block, draw the pattern or shape detail on it with a pen. Or first draw a creative draft, and then enlarge it to the wood with ink line. Patterns and figures at different positions and levels can be represented by different color lines. There are also sculptures that do not draw the shape but only mark the part or simple outline. However, drawing the shape is regarded as a necessary process and skill in most sculptures, especially in fine wood carving.


(3) Carving

Rough blank is the foundation of the whole work. It generalizes the modeling of the whole idea with concise geometric form, which requires that there should be levels, momentum, harmonious proportion, stable center of gravity, strong sense of wholeness, and initially form the outer and inner contours of the work. Rough blank chiselling can be carried out layer by layer from bottom to top, from front to back, from outside to inside, from shallow to deep. It should also focus on leaving some room  properly. When fine blank is chiselled, the proportion and various layout should be adjusted from the overall point of view, and then the specific shape should be gradually implemented and shaped, leaving room for polishing.


There are three main carving methods, relief carving, hollow carving and concave carving. Relief is a common carving method. Hollow carving is the most widely used carving method, which is more common in architectural wood carving and furniture wood carving. It can make the carving work produce vivid three-dimensional feeling.


(4) Grinding

Carved wood has many edges and corners and it has rough appearance, so it needs to be ground. In the past, the grinding tools were usually made of wood files, fine sand, animal hide, tree fiber, hairy leaves, grass ash sand and other hard or tough natural objects. Now, sandpaper is often applied for grinding. The wood carving is rubbed with different thickness of wood sandpaper. Use coarse sandpaper first, then fine sandpaper. It should be ground along the direction of wood fiber until the ideal effect. In addition, hand grinder, mini grinder or rotary grinder can also be applied for grinding.


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(5) Polishing and Painting

In the past, the last process was polishing or loading (painting) after grinding. Many wood carvings are unpainted. For example, in order to prevent the cracking, water seepage and decay of a large number of windows and daily furniture in residential buildings, they can be painted with a layer of purple soil, tung oil, several layers of fire wine paint, or a little bit of raw sesame oil. For furniture made of walnut wood, walnut kernel is used to wipe it, so that the oil can naturally penetrate into the wood.


When the sculpture is finished, there will be a kind of harvest happiness. This is also one of the endless charms of wood carving. Tools used in sculpture include wood sculpting power tools, mini sculpting tools, etc.

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