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How to Cut Jade?

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In our daily life, many people like jewelry and jades especially for ladies, so these products are popular on the market. We know that the beautiful jades are natural, which are usually cut and made of large rough stones by some machines such as diamond grinding machine, jade grinding machine, even small grinding tool etc. But jade cannot be cut randomly and grinded by jade stone grinder, how to cut is very knowledgeable. Of course, mini stone grinder or manual hand grinder must be used during the processing. Then how to cut jade properly? In this article, we will introduce two cutting methods. If you are interested in it, please read it carefully.


Generally speaking, from mining to cutting, processing and finally to polishing, every step is full of risks, and if there is a slight difference, it will be lost. From rough stone to finished product, it usually goes through the process of material selection, cutting, design, rough carving, fine carving and polishing. Among them, cutting is one of the first processing step of rough stone, and there are two more common cutting methods on the market: wire cutting and sheet cutting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? Let us get to know together.




Wire cutting


The reciprocating movement of the emery wire is used to cut the sand wire and the workpiece to achieve the purpose of processing. Compared with the traditional saw blade, the utilization rate of cutting raw materials is higher and the material is saved. The cutting is smoother and flatter, and the cutting seam is up to millimeter level. It can cut high-precision narrow seams, which is suitable for cutting precious materials. And the cutting cost is low, and it can cut multiple pieces. At the same time, it can increase the output and shorten the processing time. Especially for the high-end materials, the price is calculated in grams. It is very important to save materials. The use of wire cutting realizes the best use of jade.


7-small hand sander

Slice cutting


The most common jade cutting materials on the market are water cutters and oil cutters. Because of their high cutting efficiency and low machine cost, they are cut by slices. Usually the rough stone is directly placed on the cutting machine and clamped by the machine, and then the saw blade of the cutting machine is operated to cut the rough stone, and then processed by the hand-held stone grinder or electric grinding tool. This method cannot achieve the requirement to cut very thin jade, it neither can guarantee the flatness of the cut surface, nor can achieve the purpose of saving materials, and it will cause accidents of cutting jade rough stone at any time, and even a little carelessness will cause the danger of cutting fingers. So, workers need be careful to use these cutting and power grinding tools or manual grinding machines. 

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