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How to Cut Metal with a Circular Saw?

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According to the processing of products, circular sawing machine can be divided into metal circular sawing machine and woodworking circular sawing machine. According to the feeding mode it can be divided into vertical, horizontal and scissors. According to the control mode, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic. Special material rack shall be provided as required. Metal cutting process includes a series of steps. DIY tools include DIY workbench kit, DIY sculpting tools, etc.



1. Pay Special Attention to Safety When in Use

All kinds of equipment, such as saw blade, tape measure, adjustable wrench, worktable and chucking appliance, are essential to the operation process. Protective devices include various work gloves, dust masks, safety goggles and safety gloves.



Metal cutting tools operate at high speed, so they must be operated with great care. Safety gloves must be worn before metal cutting starts. Work gloves prevent any cuts and scratches. The metal cutting tools must be firmly placed on the ground and take note of keeping away from the metal parts being cut. The dust mask can prevent any flying debris or metal debris from entering the mouth and nose. Metal cutting tools include metal cut off grinder, small metal grinder, grinder metal cutter, etc.



2. How to Apply Circular Saw

(1) Selection and Application of Metal Circular Saw Blade

One of the important parts of metal circular saw is circular saw blade. High quality circular saw blade can cut good products. The circular saw blade must be selected according to the cutting material. Diamond saw blade is an ideal tool for cutting metal.


A series of parameters such as diameter, thickness, number of teeth, tooth shape and angle of circular saw blade are combined to form the whole saw blade. Only reasonable selection and collocation can give full play to the performance of the circular saw blade, which is more conducive to the cutting effect and the prolongation of the service life of the saw blade.


(2) Insert the Saw Blade into the Circular Saw

When the saw blade is mounted on the circular saw, make sure that all nuts, bolts and other accessories are tightened. This helps to keep the blade in position. In addition, the saw blade must be close to the circular saw for safety reasons.


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(3) Adjust the Blade

The blade adjustment slider is located on the side of the metal cutting circular saw. The slider helps move the blade up and down. It must be noted that the depth of the blade must not be 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) thicker than the metal. The metal is cut against the blade.


(4) Clamp the Metal on the Table

The metal part to be cut must be hung on the edge of the blade. It helps to cut the metal evenly. The blade begins to cut the metal at the desired speed by turning the circular saw.


Metal cutting process includes a series of steps. The reasons for the circular saw operation accidents are the operator's lack of experience, the lack of common sense of safe operation and the improper cooperation of assistants. In order to prevent operation accidents, a good job of protection for these reasons must be done.


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