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How to Drill Holes in Glass?

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Useful drill bits suitable for glass drilling have spear-shaped carbide or diamond tips, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. Be sure to maintain a low speed and moderate pressure when starting the device. In addition, you must always wear goggles to protect your eyes from potential airborne debris.


Under normal circumstances, no matter what material is used for drilling, the tools used mainly include buffing wheel for drill, DIY hole punch, hand polishing machine and electric pen grinder.


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The main body of the electrical grinder is a motor with a power of about 200 watts and a soft whip with a pen-shaped cap. Various types of drill bits, cutting discs, grinding heads, polishing heads, etc. can be selected according to the needs of use. The sleeve can be installed with a drill bit of 0.3-2mm. In addition to drill accessories, other accessories such as cutting discs, grinding heads, polishing heads, etc. are connected by a shaft with a diameter of 2mm. The diameter of the cutting piece is about 25mm. Because of its small diameter, you can freely change the cutting direction to make an incision with a pattern. The incision width does not exceed 1mm. When cutting iron sheets less than 0.7mm in thickness, the incision is not hot. The cutting discs with different materials can cut different materials, such as iron, aluminum, alloy, wood, plastic, etc. The cutting disc and carving head with emery can be used to carve patterns on glass and jade.


Glass drilling machine is a kind of equipment used to drill holes in glass. Now glass drilling machines are used in many places, but there are some problems with glass drilling machines used in glass factories. The practical drilling machine used in the current glass factory does not have measures to fix the glass when drilling the glass, which makes it necessary to fix it manually. And the current glass drilling machine needs to spray water when drilling. When drilling holes in the current glass factory, the water sprayed by the nozzles is not treated centrally, causing all the water to be scattered on the workbench or on the ground. This leads to the destruction of the working environment, and manpower is required to clean up. In addition, the drill bit of the current glass drilling machine is inconvenient to replace, which makes it troublesome to drill the glass of different materials. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a glass drilling machine for drilling holes of different materials.


1. Make an "X" with two pieces of paint tape or masking tape. In the center of the "X", mark the exact location of the hole with a felt-tip pen. The traction given by the tape prevents it from wandering on otherwise smooth glass surfaces.


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2. Fix the glass object to be used. Place it on its side when it is easier to manipulate objects at a smaller angle. With the marked bit facing up, put the bottle on its side. Lift the neck of the bottle to an angle.


3. Insert a 1/8 inch or 3/32 inch sharp carbide or diamond drill bit into the chuck of the variable speed drill. The small drill machine is suitable for operation on glass. After wearing the protective glasses, place the rotary drill bit at a right angle (90 degrees) to the glass surface.


4. High-speed drilling will cause overheating and accumulation of glass powder on the drilling site, so pay attention to slow drilling when using it.


5. Although the inlet hole is clean and smooth, the edge of the outlet hole may be sharp. The diamond file gently files off any debris or serrations. Finally, rinse to remove any remaining dust.


Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd. has many practical mini electric grinders for cutting, polishing and drilling different materials.

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