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How to Make Sculpture at Home?

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There are many types of sculpture, but it can be divided into two kinds according to the technique. First, superimposed sculpture, which basically refers to adding materials to shape the sculpture shape (soil, wax, cardboard, concrete pulp, etc.). Secondly, subtracting sculpture, the form (stone, wood, ice, etc.) is created entirely by cutting materials. Sculpture tools include electric grinders, rotary abrasive tool set, drill machine, etc.



1. Superimposed Sculpture

(1) Draw a Sketch of a Sculpture.

Before a sculpture is made, make sure to draw a sketch on paper.


(2) Make the base.

If the sculpture is placed on the base, it is better to make the base first and then the sculpture. The base can be made of wood, metal, clay, stone or other materials.


64-2-drill machine

(3) Set up the Support.

The bracket is like the skeleton of the sculpture, supporting the whole sculpture. For example, the arm or leg of the portrait will fall off from the main body and there is a fracture point. At this time, the bracket needs to be built.


(4) Fill in the Contents.

In order to distinguish it from sculpture material, a different material can be selected to make lining. This is especially common when sculpture is made of soft pottery. Lining can reduce material cost and sculpture weight.


(5) Move the Carving Center of Gravity from the General Shape to the Details.

Fill the sculpture materials from the general shape (large muscle group) to the details (small muscle group) and big details to small details. Increase or decrease the filling material as required.


(6) Add Details.

After the body shape is basically completed, it begins to mix and carve. Finally, polish various small details with mini portable electric grinder, such as the hair, eyes, muscle curves of the portrait.


(7) Make a Texture.

If necessary, the final step in sculpting is to add texture. This can increase the authenticity of the sculpture.


(8) Processing Sculpture.

The sculpture needs to be dried or air dried depending on the materials used. The instructions of the material manufacturer shall be followed.


(9) Paint the Sculpture.

If the sculpture needs to be colored or painted, wait until the sculpture is completely dry, special pigments may be applied according to the material used. For example, it takes model enamel paint to paint on soft pottery.


(10) Mixed Materials.

The application of mixed materials can add a lot of interest to the sculpture, enhance the realism of the sculpture or add some interesting colors and touch. For example, a real wig can be used instead of sculpting hair.



2. Subtracting Sculpture

(1) Make a Sculpture Prototype.

Quickly form the prototype of sculpture with clay, wax or other materials. This can be used as a basis for measuring carved stones or other materials.


(2) Sculpt Basic Shapes.

Based on the measurement of the prototype, mark on the stone or wood for cutting. For example, if the sculpture is not higher than 14cm, all the parts above 15cm can be cut off with cutting grinders. On the premise of leaving some room, carve out the basic shape of the sculpture with professional sculpting tools.


52 2

(3) Utilization of Pointing Machine.

Calculate the size of the sculpture prototype and position it on the stone or wood with a pointing machine or other measuring instruments.


(4) Sculpt the Details.

Gradually chisel away the redundant parts and the marks left by the pointing machine with DIY sculpting tools, which is suitable for sculpture materials.


(5) Polish Sculpture

Polish the sculpture several times with sandpaper of different sandness, portable grinder or pen grinder until the surface reaches the desired smooth effect.


In the process of sculpture, be careful of the utilization of the relevant tools and focus on whether the materials will produce smoke or poison.

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