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How to Make a Cutting Board?

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Cutting board is also called chopping board. It is a necessity in the kitchen. It is essential when cooking. DIY multi tools include electric grinder tools, drills and cutters, etc.



1. What Is the Best Wood for Cutting Board

The quality requirements of solid wood are as follows.

(1) It has interlaced texture, strong texture, good splitting resistance, no scaling-off and no burrs.


(2) It is medium hardness or above. It should not be too hard to hurt the knife.


(3) It has no unpleasant smell (Machilus nanmu is smelly, bitter wood tastes bitter and oak tastes sour, so they are not suitable).


(4) Long term moisture does not make it decay. They are dry and do not crack.


55-1-DIY multi tools

Different materials have their own characteristics. Wooden chopping board has become the first choice because it is natural and relatively safer without adding other substances. The characteristics of wooden chopping board are high density, strong toughness and firm use.


There are many kinds of wooden boards, which are not easy to choose. Some wooden cutting boards (such as cypress wood) contain toxic substances and have peculiar smell. Cutting vegetables with it will pollute the dishes and easily cause vomiting, abdominal pain and dizziness. There are also some loose wood cutting boards, such as poplar cutting board, which are not hard enough and easy to crack. Its surface is easy to produce knife marks. If the surface is not cleaned thoroughly, it is easy to hide dirt, breed bacteria and pollute food.


Wood cutting boards with good comprehensive quality in all aspects include cutting boards made of white beech wood, white fruit food, gleditsia sinensis wood, birch wood or willow wood.



2. How to Make Cutting Board

First of all, prepare the appropriate size of wood, computer programs for carving unique patterns, carving knives, grinder machine, polishing machine, finishing oil.


(1) Step 1: The first step is to prepare cutting file.


(2) Step 2: Upload the cutting file. 

Adjust the engraving machine settings as needed.


(3) Step 3: carve the cutting board.

Carve custom cutting board according to the desired design and pattern.


(4) Step 4: Finish it.


After carving, any grinder machine for home can be applied to smooth the unevenness. Polish with portable polishing machine. Finally, finishing oil is applied to make the surface smooth. Of course, if a computer does not be utilized, simply apply different hand amazing woodworking tools to carve patterns, or just use a clean and smooth surface without carving any patterns.


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3. How to Prolong the Service Life of Cutting Board

Soak and disinfect with saline or boiling water every week. Wash and wipe dry after each utilization and place it vertically in a cool and ventilated place. Avoid exposure to the sun. Apply it alternately on both sides, especially the wooden chopping board.


When purchasing, it is better to select the cutting boards produced by big brand manufacturers, with high quality and credibility.


Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd. produces various kinds of power carving tools, including cutting grinders, pen grinder, small DIY polishing machine, etc. Its products are rich and service is good. Welcome.

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