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How to Polish the Rock?

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Do you know how to polish ordinary stone or rock? Generally speaking, tools and materials for polishing include polishing machine, grinding wheel, sand cloth, sand paper, water sand paper, chromium oxide, polishing paste etc. Of course, you may use the small electric tools such as power hand sander, portable grinding machine and so on. This process is carried out according to the artistic effect. Some are full-body polishing, and some are partial polishing. Today, we will talk how to polish the rock.


The ways to polish rock


Usually there are three common methods for polishing rough rock materials.

1. Polishing with a versatile power grinder.

2. Use disc polishing machine to polish or grinding machine with right bits. 

3. Vibration polishing machine is generally suitable for mass polishing.

4. The best way to polish is actually to use your hands to give it a natural luster over time.


versatile power grinder

How can stones be polished?


In fact, any stone can be polished brightly. The pebbles are formed by scouring by water for a long time. If you want it to be like a polished plate, here suggest you spend more time and polish it with fine sandpaper, or just ignore it, as long as you walk more on it, it will naturally become brighter and brighter. If you want to process pebbles by machine, you can use roller polishing or handheld grinder with polishing bit. We know that the stone has holes on the surface, which can be repaired with high-hardness and polishing glue, which is as clear as water. As for waxing and painting, it is not the way to deal with pebbles. Of course, in the factory, workers usually use different power tools such as power sander machine, power grinding machine etc. to help to do different jobs. And fixed products can be easily polished through long-term assembly line. Take the small stones as an example, a skilled craftsman can process more than twenty a day in the versatile power tool.


versatile power grinder

How to polish ordinary stones more easily and conveniently?


Generally speaking, a rough stone merchant will buy rough rocks to process and polish in a special workshop. After the fine processing, the stone has a beautiful face and delicate stone skin. In the workshop, workers will steam the stones in a cage for 15 to 30 minutes, which is mainly to heat the stones. And they will put the paraffin wax in a bowl while steaming the stones. If you don’t have one, buy a few candles and place them in a bowl. Then put the bowl in a cage and steam. When the wax turns into water, take the stone out and place it in the place with the least contact surface. For example, make a frame with iron wire and then use a newly bought small brush which is used for painting to brush your stone evenly while they are hot with wax water, and then let it cool naturally. Your stone will become crystal clear. It is simple way for ordinary people to polish the rock. 

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