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How to Polish the Stone?

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Do you know how to polish the stone? In this article, we will introduce for you several ways. If you have interests, please read this article carefully.


Generally speaking, the common way is to use coarse sandpaper to shape, and then use fine sandpaper to sand, next use kraft paper to shave, and finally apply oil once a day, and the process must last for about a month. This way does not need the any power grinding tool or mini grinding machine, but it will take long time to make the stone smooth. If you pick up a beautiful stone and want to polish it, but there is no any small power grinder at hand, you may try this way.



Of course, the best way to polish the stone is to use the handheld mini grinder or small grinding tool. You may use different models grinders for rough grinding, then fine grinding, and then waxing. The methods of waxing are pot boiling method and blowtorch method. Pot boiling method uses the pot to put wax and melt the wax into the stone, which is used for small strange stones. The blowtorch method is to melt the wax on the surface of the strange stone with a blowtorch, which uses a large strange stone.


The main function of waxing is to increase the gloss and color of the surface of the strange stone, and it can also increase the texture after waxing. The second function is to highlight the patterns and colors to make it more beautiful. Generally, if the stone is not clear, the pattern can be highlighted by waxing. The reason is that the pattern will be clear when some stones are sprayed with water on the surface.


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Here we want to remind not all the strange stones should be polished.If the picture is clear, it is best to keep the original appearance, because polishing will reduce its collection value. You can use a mini angle grinder to cut the disc first, then use the 200 grinding disc, and then use the polishing disc. It's easy to do these jobs by electric grinding machine.


Do you know how a stone is polished into a round shape? For example, you make it into the formation of a jade bracelet. The way is that you use the ball machine and the bead grinding machine. With the help of two kinds of machines, the stone can be easily formed round shape as a jade bracelet or necklace. How is the processing? First of all, you use the disintegrator to make the stone into a block or a rectangle, and then grind them into round shape by small grinding machine. The jade jewelry is often made in this way. Of course, they are used the special machine made into the required size according to the designs to avoid wasting the rough stone materials since the jade materials such as diamond, various of jades and so on are expensive and

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