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How to Prepare Materials for Making Small Wooden Crafts?

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Do you know how to prepare materials for making small wooden toys or crafts? Here we will talk about it.


If you want to make small wooden crafts, you firstly need to prepare the wooden materials and different power tools for making such as hand saws, handheld power grinder, small power sander, rotary hammer drill etc. Of course, you may choose versatile power tools for cutting, drilling and polishing etc. A mini electric grinder pen is also the good choice due to its small in shape and light in weight and it is easy to operate.


Preparing making tools


Below are different types of woodworking tools and small power tools which are required for the wood carving styles for reference.


40 2

Rotary cutting tool

Rotary file drill bits

Carving knives





Coping saw

Long bent tool


Preparing wood materials


Material selection: we know that material selection is important in the whole process if you want to make a top exquisite wooden craft. Usually 100-300 year-old logs from virgin forests harvested from September to December each year are the best materials. The logs are naturally dried in situ on the growth of the logs. Timber is trimmed and the logs are transported to the processing site. If you just make a simple toy or small craft for your kid, the scrap woods are available. Comparing with sculptures and well-define crafts, small wooden toys are easy to make. Next, we will tell you how to make a simple wooden Tangram Puzzle.



Step 1: The tools you need



Sand Paper

Coping Saw

Scrolling Saw

Sanding Machine

Scroll saw or coping saw

Sanding machine or sandpaper


Step 2: Draw it up/Planning


You may print off a template from website to use. Of course, you may draw up your own.


Step 3: Making the base

First of all, get two piece of scrap wood and draw a border 1cm in from the edge of one of them. And then cut them as 15 x 15 cm along with the straight lines of the shapes.


Secondly, use glue and clamp to make the two pieces together, remember that do not get off the clamps until the glue is dry.  


Above are the base steps to make a tangram puzzle.


Step 4: Making the pieces


Generally, the edges of the pieces wood you cut is rough, you need to sand them carefully by sanding tools or sandpaper. Next, paint them with bright color. Of course, you may keep the color a slightly rustic old fashioned look as you like. Now you have made the original shapes for the tangram puzzle.


Step 5: Done.


At this time, you need to patiently wait until all the paint and glue on the wood dry. Then put the pieces of wood with shapes into the base, now the colorful wooden tangram puzzle has done.


By the way, if you like cool shapes, you can do it as your own design and drawing. Of course, it is a good idea. 

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