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How to Protect the Metal from Rust again after Rust Removal?

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Rust is caused by the action of oxygen and moisture on the metal surface. Rust is actually a reddish-brown oxide formed on the metal surface when it is in direct contact with the atmosphere. Rust can occur on metals such as steel, zinc and aluminum. Stainless steel is not as easily corroded as iron, but it is not antifouling. If you want to stop rust on the metal, you must know some anti-rust methods.


Methods of Rust Removal


1. Manual descaling is the simplest method of descaling. It mainly uses scrapers, hand hammers, steel brushes, emery cloth (paper), grinding wheels and other tools to knock, shovel, grind and scrape to remove rust.


2. Mechanical Derusting. This method is currently a widely used method for removing rust. Its principle is to use impact and friction to effectively remove rust and its dirt. Commonly used tools for this method are portable electric bench grinder, electric mini grinder, metal polishing grinder, electric brush, pneumatic brush, rust removal gun, etc.



The advantage of this method is that the rust removal quality and efficiency are high. But the disadvantage is that these tools, including battery operated mini grinder, handheld electric polisher, and variable speed polisher, require manual operation, which is labor intensive. These tools are not suitable for complex geometry and precision parts, and are not suitable for large-scale descaling.


3. Chemical treatment method. The chemical treatment method is also called the pickling method. The principle is to use acid to chemically react with the rust (oxide) on the surface of the metal to be cleaned to dissolve it in the acid. In addition, the hydrogen generated by the action of the acid and the metal makes the oxide scale mechanically fall off.


Prevent Metal Rust Again


After understanding the above three methods of metal rust removal, how to protect the metal from rust again is still a difficult subject.


The mechanical derusting method mentioned above is widely used. There are many such appliances on the market, including pen-style automatic grinder, portable metal grinder, steel grinder machine and metal polishing machine.


1. Composition alloy method


Some other elements are added to iron to change the internal structure of iron. For example, adding metals such as chromium and nickel to ordinary steel to make stainless steel greatly increases the rust resistance of steel products.


2. Protective layer method


Apply mineral oil, paint or fire enamel, spray, etc. For example, cars and buckets are often painted. The machine is often coated with mineral oil.


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3. Electroplating method


The surface of iron products is plated with a layer of metal that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc., by electroplating or hot-dip plating. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent iron products from rusting due to contact with water, air and other substances.


4. Use chemical methods to form dense oxide film


Use chemical methods to form a dense and stable oxide film on the surface of iron products to prevent iron products from rusting.


5. Keep the iron surface clean


Keeping the surface of iron products clean and dry is also a good way to prevent iron products from rusting.


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