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Machine carved jadeite vs hand carved jadeite

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When we buy jadeite products, jadeite carving reflects the valve of jadeite products to a great extent. Therefore, jadeite carving is also an important object we should pay attention to. Today, we will learn talk about the carving methods of jadeite and learn the differences between machine carving and hand carving.


In addition to the material, a good jadeite work also greatly depends on the carving. Carving is also an aspect that we should not neglect. In the jade industry, the effect of machine carving and hand carving is completely different. Some people like the fine machine carving while some people like the graceful hand carving. Various people have their own preference.



There are two kinds of jadeite carving, ultrasonic carving and computer carving. The ultrasonic carving method is to use the machine to drive the mold on the surface of the jadeite material and make it rub back and forth with the ultrasonic frequency, so that a model can be quickly copied and pasted. And the principle of computer sculpture and ultrasonic sculpture is similar. Finished jadeite products made by these two methods are relief. It is obvious that the advantages of machine carving are time-saving, labor-saving and low-cost. But the drawback is also obvious, that is, it is very uniform, lack of spirituality. 


As for hand carving, the way of it is to use hand-painted drawings as templates, and then to decorate, lastly use the small rotary hand tool and high-speed rotary diamond grinding head to carve. Hand carving of jadeite is the most quintessence of Chinese ancient crafts. There are many kinds of carving methods, such as round carving, relief carving and openwork carving, which have been handed down to this day. Therefore, the advantages of hand carving are unique, spiritual, exquisite and beautiful, but the disadvantages are time-consuming, laborious and expensive. The advantages of hand carved jadeite is that is has uniqueness and it is beautiful and exquisite. But the disadvantage is time-consuming, laborious and expensive. Using the mini hand grinder or other various rotary tools will spend much time.


So, how to distinguish a jadeite finished product is carved out by machine or carved out by hand? The edge of jadeite carved by machine is uniform without radian; the finished jadeite product will look unnatural and rigid. However, jadeite finished product carved by hand with jade rotary tool will be more delicate with soft lines. The overall look is more lively and natural. If you pursue the quantity and efficiency, then the machine carving will be more suitable for you. But if the pursuit is artistic beauty and naturalness, of course, hand carving with mini electric carved grinder is more suitable for you. In particular, those famous jade carvers who have experienced years of accumulation have such exquisite craftsmanship.


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However, with the development of science and technology, machine carving technology is becoming more and more powerful. From the beginning of mold pressing to computer numerical control engraving, now 3D printing has appeared and 3D carving has been applied. The technology of machine carving has become more and more mature.


For machine engraving, some people say it is good, and some dislike it, anyway it develops constantly. And we will see more and more similar products on the market. Totally speaking, basically good jadeite material will choose hand carving so that it will be a handicraft with artistic form.


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