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Mahogany Mechanical Carving VS Manual Carving

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The furniture with pure hand carving always embodies the cultural value of mahogany furniture. However, machine carving works not only appear frequently, but also become the mainstream market of mahogany furniture in the major exhibition halls of mahogany furniture in recent years. Hand woodworking tools include mini hand grinder, handheld polisher, DIY engraving pen, etc.



1. Introduction of Machine Carving

The traditional handmade workshops of mahogany furniture have been decreasing in recent years and gradually replaced by large-scale furniture factories with standardization. Traditional carving technology is gradually replaced by computer technology and modern tools. Machine carving not only saves labor cost, but also improves manufacturing efficiency. Machine carving works are more popular thanmanualworks because of their various styles. However, those who really know mahogany can see the difference at a glance.


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2. The Difference between Machine Carving and Hand Carving

The machine carving works are basically incomparable with the manual works in the process. The former is produced by the assembly line of large factories, while the latter is the painstaking efforts of carvers. Therefore, hand carved furniture will be more exquisite and collectable in workmanship. The biggest difference of hand carving is that the plane part and the excavated part are at an oblique angle, like the shape of a mountain, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.


(1) Look with Eyes: Inflexible VS Vivid

The original works are depicted by computer drawing software and then the machine carving products are output by automatic engraving machine. Therefore, the details are neat and uniform and it does not look any different. Moreover, the machine carving technology is only suitable for the limited precision sculptural relief and openwork carving on the plane, but can not achieve the effect of three-dimensional round carving and the multi-layer openwork carving ofthrough the branch and through the stem, which makes the picture look dull and lifeless. DIY electric tool includes electric stone grinder, small drill machine, etc.


On the contrary, hand carving will be more delicate and creative. The thickness of the line at the cutting point does not guarantee even, so it looks absolutely different. There are obvious traces of surface unevenness part, which can be selected arbitrarily by Yin carving, Yang carving and half Yin and half Yang. What is shown here is a vivid and full of tension picture, full of movement and vitality.


(2) Touch by Hand: Appearance VS Concave-convex

The depth of machine carving, which is mainly computerized and mechanized, is limited. If it is touched with hand, it will be felt more flat and lack of exquisite and convex feel. The effect of the machine carving is smooth vertical and horizontal strokes. The depth is consistent and it is very regular. Its grain is smooth and simple.


The hand technique of manual relief are more flexible. The lines are undulating and stretching, the depth of the engraving is different and it touches uneven. The overall picture is full of three-dimensional, especially in carving irregular objects, such as tree trunks and roots. Its advantages are more obvious. In addition, some three-dimensional carving graphics which are out of plane can only be achieved by hand carving. They have always been unable to be simulated by mechanical carving technology.


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(3) Feel with Heart: Batch VS Exclusive

The mass-produced machine carving works can only be said to becommodities, while the works born under the meticulous care of carving masters can be regarded asartworks. Each piece of furniture goes through different mechanical processing procedures under the assembly line production mode of the factory. From computer cutting to computer carving, it is mass produced according to fixed templates and finally it is polished and processed by hand and put on the market.


Hand carved works can not be mass-produced. They are all from the same craftsman. Because the production time, process and difficulty are directly corresponding to the cost, each process of each piece of furniture condenses the craftsman's mind, effort and emotion.


It is undeniable that machine carving will promote the rapid survival of the fittest in the industry. The grade subdivision of mahogany furniture is bound to make some crude and simple hand carved furniture be eliminated and replaced by exquisite machine carved furniture, which will continue to occupy the low-end market. What can survive in the tide of machine carving must be the exquisite products of hand carving. It reflects the hand craft technology that can not be surpassed from style to workmanship and will occupy the top market of mahogany furniture. DIY multi tool includes mini polisher, stone grinder small, etc.

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