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Mibond Rotary Tools
 Small and powerful   Easy to use   Plug-in/rechargeable option
Handling Various Materials One Machine is Enough
Full Cpooer Clamp Core with Metal Nut
The clamp is precise and durable, the clamp can be quickly replaced.
Clamping Range: 0.5-3.2mm
High Quality Copper Wire Motor
High temperature resistance sufficient 
power to meet various work needs
Intelligent Control Circuit Board
With overheating and overload protection
Significantly reduce the failure rate
Long Lasting Power
Plug-in/rechargeable optional, 
long-lasting range, wireless bundle
High quality, one-hand operation, strong power
Variable speed adjustment switch, high toughness large wind blade, high speed invariance, high wind power, better heat dissipation, more stable machine operation.
Bearing With Shock-absorbing Rubber Sleeve
This design makes the vibration smaller!
Feels better, and increase the produt cycle.
Accessories & Packaging

Finding Solutions For Your Projects

For us the rotary tools are not just about drilling and polishing, they make it easier to turn inspiration into work.

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