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Some Practical DIY Hand Tools!

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This is the generation of new craftsmen. As the saying goes, a good start is half done. The application of essential woodworking tools is a key step to success between wood and tools. Here is to share the most practical DIY hand woodworking tools, so that people can make their own handicrafts at home.



1. First: Hammer

A hammer is to drive in woodworking nails. When the hammer strikes the object with larger stress surface, the force can be better transmitted to the longitudinal direction. In the DIY design, it can play the effect of firmly fixing the nail and the operation is time-saving and convenient.



2. Second: Rubber Hammer

Compared with the previous one, this hammer is designed to avoid leaving defects on the wood. Bumps can not be avoided in DIY more or less, which will lead to defects. And the existence of rubber hammer helps a perfect production of finished products under its great effect.


60-1-DIY tool


3. Third: Sanding Machine

Hand sander is a machine utilized after sandpaper is pasted, which is convenient for hand operation and saves time and labor. It is well-known that sandpaper is applied to polish and finish wood texture. The appearance of sanding machine is suitable for flat and wide furniture surface, which is labor-saving and convenient.



4. Fourth: All Kinds of Rulers

Perfect crafts should be strict in material selection and production, and strict in various procedures. This is inseparable from the accurate measurement of the ruler. The ruler measures length, width and thickness to the nearest millimeter. It provides standard lines and the most accurate segmentation.



5. Fifth: Saw

A saw is a tool to cut wood or other objects that need to be processed. It is composed of a saw body and a saw blade which is composed of irregularly arranged sawteeth. Saw is the existence ofbackbonein DIY. There is no wood that it can not cut.



6. Sixth: Clamp

When furniture is joined, in order to prevent the movement of wood and delay the construction operation, the clamp plays a fixed role. When furniture is joined, it is difficult to fix furniture effectively only by hands, so the clamp is also one of the necessary tools.


 60-2-portable electric drill

7. Seventh: Quick Drying Adhesive

DIY woodworking will inevitably make mistakes and wood is also precious. Sometimes a piece of wood is cut by mistake. Quick drying adhesive can skillfully be applied to quickly bond the lost parts in this case.



8. Eighth: Hand Held Polishing Machine

The hand-held polishing machine is suitable for the small area of plane, cavity, arc surface, fine gap, groove surface, other narrow position and working surface which is not easy to be finished with conventional tools. It is widely applied because of its small volume, easy to operate and smooth operation and so on.


DIY tool is necessary for manual work. Generally, carvers can equip various kinds of amazing woodworking tools according to their own demands.


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