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Some Tips About Using Electric Grinder?

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We know that the metal electric grinder is a very amazing small tool, which is not only used for grinding and cutting, but also is used for other purposes. Then do you know how to use it? In this article, we will introduce the using way of electric grinders for your reference.


Generally speaking, there are many different models and names of electric grinders, and it usually has a pen-like shape and can be held in one hand. And it has a high-speed motor with multiple adjustments. The speed can reach thousands to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. But small electric grinders are not suitable for large-size and hard workpieces due to the limited size of accessories and slow processing speed. Therefore, it is not recommended that families buy high-power electric grinders.


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Safety preparation


We know that the electric grinder machine is a high-speed tool, which will vibrate during operation, and will produce a large amount of debris and powder when cutting. When the cutting temperature is too high, it will also cause the workpiece to melt, decompose or even burn. Therefore, before using the electric grinder tool, it is necessary to do the following protections:


1. Goggles with plastic lenses should fit the face and nose bridge.

2. If you want to buy the masks that can filter dust and smoke, it is recommended to use a gas mask with a replaceable filter element.

3. Be careful that the workpiece is wood, plastic, leather, etc., which will generate harmful gases.

Please wear a glove on your non-dominant hand to operate the workpiece.



Fixing of electric grinder


Usually there are four ways to fix the electric grinder:



Hand-held, this kind of operation is more flexible, which is suitable for curve cutting and corner grinding.


The bracket, it needs to be equipped with F-shaped clip, which can be fixed on the edge of the table. And the bracket can generally be raised, and the electric grinder can be hung on the top of the bracket. This method needs to be used with the extension of the flexible shaft. The flexible shaft is fixed on the electric grinder motor shaft with a chuck, and the other end of the soft shaft is equipped with a steel shaft to match the chuck for output power. Most of the accessories used in the electric grinder can be connected with the short shaft. The disadvantage of the flexible shaft is that it amplifies the vibration and has a limited life.


The U-shaped clamp is used to fix the electric grinder horizontally on a higher step, and the output shaft is also horizontal. At this time, you can hold the workpiece and uniformly cut and polish the workpiece, which is similar to the usage of a grinder

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