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Some Tips about Cutting Glass

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Cutting glass sometimes will be regarded as a simple thing. But when we cut glass in our home, we still need to consider some tips. Here, we will talk about some common cutting techniques. 


1. Cutting of glass tube

Fine glass tube and rod

When cutting thin glass tubes and rods with diameter less than 5mm × 10mm, firstly we should lay it flat on the edge of the table, and then press it vertically with a triangular file or the edge of the grinding wheel against the cutting edge of the glass tube. Then we need push hard forward until the file reaches 1/3 or 1/4 of the circumference of the pipe. At last, pick up the glass tube, your thumbs should be against the file on the back, pull back with a little force at the same time.



Thick glass tube

File cut: wrap three layers of transparent tape around both sides of the cut-off part. File around the cut and deepen until it is ready to be broken by hand.




2. Cutting of flat glass

First of all, we should determine the cutting size on the glass and mark it. If we want to cut straight lines, then we can use a ruler to align the line. When cutting glass, we should hold the knife in the right hand, press the ruler with the left hand, and then make the side of the glass knife lean against the ruler to cut. After this step, the glass is only scored. Therefore, when cutting glass, as long as there are notches on the glass, we can not scratch several knives at the same place. If the cutting operation is improper and the notch is too shallow to break the glass, glass knife or pliers, small hammer and other objects can be used to knock from bottom to top at the back glass center line until cracks appear in the scratch, and then we can break the glass by force.


51 2


3. Cutting of glass bottle

There are many ways to cut glass bottles. Here are some methods.


1. Cut a file with a glass knife or small steel file in the cut point, and then Wrap it around a few times with cotton thread, and then drop alcohol. After igniting cotton thread about a minute, if we can drop few water on the file mark, the bottle can be broken along the file.


2. Fill the glass bottle with edible oil to the lower edge of the cutting line, then insert the red iron rod into the oil, and the glass bottle will break along the oil surface.


3. It can also be used to cut glass bottle, glass tube and bulb with self-made resistance wire cutter. When cutting, we should pay attention to some key points. Firstly, a space of 1mm-2mm should be reserved at the junction of resistance wire to avoid short circuit. Secondly, power off the glass bottle quickly after dripping water

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