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Some Wood Carving Skills for Beginners

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Wood carving processing techniques are mainly reflected in the carving  in the sense of cutting and whittling. To be exact, it is to excavate and show the form step by step by subtracting the waste from the outside. Woodworking tools include woodworking power tools, hand woodworking tools and power tool kits, etc.



1. Material Selection

Before a work is created, first of all, something should be known about wood. And it is very important to select the materials suitable for the performance.


Generally, soft wood is easy to carve, but hard wood is hard to carve. Hardwood, with tough wood, fine texture and bright color, is called hardwood, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, almondwood, etc. They have all the advantages of carving. They are the best materials for carving, suitable for carving works with complex structure and fine shape. They are not easy to be broken and damaged in the production process and preservation and have high collection value. But it takes a lot of time to carve, just easier to damage the cutting tool.


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Loose wood is suitable for beginners, such as basswood, ginkgo wood, camphorwood, pine, etc. This kind of wood is suitable for carving works with simple structure and general image and it is easy to be carved. However, due to its soft wood and weak color, some need to be colored to enhance the timingandweight.


Generally speaking, the greater the ups and downs of modeling are, the richer the changes of wood grain will be and the more flavor it will be. The more tactful and fluent the shape dynamic is, the more ideal the effect of wood grain trend will be. And even it is unexpectedly good-looking and highly decorative. Of course, too complex and too small volume will not only damage the wood grain, but also cause visual contrast.



2. Material Handling

Wet wood cannot be for carving. So it must be dried first.


(1) Artificial drying

The wood is sealed in the steam drying room and the water evaporation is promoted by the steam to dry the wood. Generally speaking, the drying degree of logs should be kept at about 30% moisture content. But  the wood is easy to be brittle and damaged after high temperature evaporation, which is not conducive to carving.


(2) Natural Drying

Classify the wood in a ventilated place (board, square or log). Set aside for stacking. The bottom of the stack is about 60cm above the ground and there is a gap in the middle to make the air circulate and take away the moisture, then the wood is gradually dried. Natural drying generally takes several years or months to achieve certain drying requirements.


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(3) Simple Artificial Drying

One is to dry the moisture inside the wood with fire. The second is to remove the resin from the wood with water and then dry or dry it in the air. The drying time of these two methods may be shortened, but the wood after soaking is easy to discolor, which will damage the wood.



3. Carving Techniques

Sometimes because of the characteristics of wood or excessive force to reduce the place where should not be reduced when carving, people may feel breathtaking. But if it is handled properly, it also may be felt happy because of incessant occurrences. At the same time, the special charm can also be felt in the process of application of various knife techniques. For example, some accidental effects can make the works produce new meaning. After carving, mini electric grinder and small polishing machine are needed to be applied for subsequent processing.


Carving knife technique is something that is difficult to embody in any imitation. Only by mastering skills and accumulating experience can people achieve the ideal technique that really belongs to them. The artistic language represented by wood grain and carving mark, smoothness and coarseness, concave and convex surface, etc. has a charm that other sculpture materials can not achieve. List of carving tools includes miniature sculpting tools, metal sculpting tools and stone sculpture tools, etc.


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