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Some nuclear carving techniques

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Carving techniques can be compared with the brush strokes in calligraphy and painting. If properly grasped, the artistic effects of works can be enhanced and enriched. Only by mastering skills and accumulating experience can we finally create a wood carving rotary  tools method suitable for ourselves. The artistic charm embodied in the nuclear carving process, such as nuclear grain and carving mark, smoothness and roughness, concave surface and convex surface, is not found in other handicrafts. In a word, the level of carving technique lies in the application of rotary carving tools method. In the process of using tools, attention should be paid to turning, setbacks, bumps and ups and downs, so as to reflect the beauty and moving of the nuclear carving art itself and the rich beauty of carving. It is necessary to carve more, practice more and ponder more, practice makes perfect, so as to form one's own artistic style.



Round carving


Because the round carving works are full of three-dimensional sense, lifelike and vivid, the material requirements for making the round carving are very strict. The round carving usually starts from the front with mini brushless rotary tool. In the process of carving, we should pay attention to the unity, harmony and integration of different angles and orientations, because only by taking into account multiple directions can the round carving work stand the full perspective of the viewer. Round carving is not a compressed carving. Round carving requires fineness and profundity. In a nutshell, it means "to make one ten" and "to win more with less".


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Relief carving


Embossment is the process of carving on the surface of olive core by using some mini rotary tool sates, and it is an artistic form that expresses the artistic image that needs to be embodied by bulge. An obvious feature of relief carving is the bottom plate. Generally, the bottom plane reflects the "three-dimensional sense" of the object from the front , and the rear of the object is on the olive core. This kind of carving needs to express objects with bulges, so it is necessary to divide the non-expressive object areas, so as to effectively express the creative theme. According to the depth of shoveling the non-object part after using electric mini rotary tool kit, it can be divided into high relief and bas-relief.



Thin carving


Thin carving refers to the shallow relief. Although the carving layer is thin, it is poetic. This carving method has smooth rotary file set rotary tools work, delicate and meaningful details, and its creativity comes from relief techniques. This carving technique combines calligraphy, seal cutting, painting and other artistic forms, and is a unique art between painting and carving. It is these factors that make the outstanding thin-meaning carving works shaped by electric rotary hammer drill have detached artistic standards and are especially worthy of appreciation. The most important content of thin carving is the implication of the work, that is, to melt one's own thoughts and feelings into it and show the painting principle of Chinese painting in thin carving.




Hollow carving


When making nuclear carving handicraft with relief technology, if the protruding part is deliberately kept and then the back part is partially hollowed out by rotary multi tool, the final work will have a kind of aesthetic feeling in perspective. This olive nuclear carving technique is called hollow carving, also known as transparent carving.


Hollow carving has very high requirements for the carver's skill of applying rotary tool wood carving bits, the treatment of lines and surfaces, and the change of various modeling methods. Only by organically integrating meaning, shape and tools can the theme of creation be expressed.


When carrying out micro-carving, we must pay attention to the facial features of the characters and the details of the scenery. Although the area of micro-carving is small, it is the finishing touch of the works, which requires carvers to have high calligraphy skills and the ability to skillfully use Mibond micro motor rotary tools. When creating micro-carving crafts, they should be calm and focused on the details.

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