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Some uses of rotary tools

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Rotary cutting tool model depends on very fast speed rather than torque, so unlike traditional power drill, it can carry out a wide range of tasks, such as grinding, sharpening, cutting, cleaning, engraving, drilling and polishing, etc. No matter what kind of materials you face, such as metal, plastic, glass, electronics and wood, you can use high quality rotary tool. Rotary tools are indispensable in art and craft projects and home maintenance, because it can carry out fine work in a very narrow space.



1. Sharpen a chain saw


If you sharpen the saw tooth with a rotary saw blade, it will save time and energy. The chain sharpener provides three wheels for grinding and a guide to adjust the cutting depth and angle. When sharpening the saw tooth with a rotary tool, you must take necessary safety measures.


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2. Cut through tough situations


People often worry about kitchen or bathroom maintenance, but professionals have a good secret to alleviate these problems, that is, using a multi-functional mini rotary tool, you can use a cutting wheel to cut off the side of the faucet cover, don't worry about the plastic seal that will be replaced, but avoid cutting brass threads when cutting.



3. fix a door latch


You can shave off the inside of the strike plate by using a rotary power tool in conjunction with a metal-cutting carbide bit. First, take out a small amount and then test the latch by closing the door slowly a couple of times. Continue to remove appropriate amounts of metal until the door latch catches.



4. Remove stripped screws


When faced with the screws with stripped heads, you can try this handy tip. First, install a cutting ring on the rotary broaching tools, and grind the wheel with a piece of scrap metal, which can reduce the circumference of the wheel. Control the size of the wheel to cut to the screw head without affecting other screws. Then, grind a slot in the screw head, and then you can insert a screwdriver and unscrew the fastener.


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5. Clean a mini sanding drum with an eraser


If you often use sanding drum mini rotary tools accesories, the sanding drum of your rotary tool will be blocked as time goes by, but you can clean the surface of the sanding drum with a simple rubber eraser, just plug in the electric power tools rotary and rotate at a low speed, then put the eraser into the blocked drum, so that the blocked garbage can be cleaned up.



6. Cut curves in tile


If you want to cut some curves or patterns on ceramic tiles, you should use a rotary tool adjustable with accessories for ceramic tile cutting position. After setting the cutting depth of the drill bit to 1/4 inch, you should prepare for the first cutting. If you want to cut more, you should increase the cutting depth by 1/4 inch on the previous basis.


Rotary tools can be intimidating, we get it. If you’re interested in getting into the world of electric rotary cutting tools but aren’t sure where to start, let us introduce you to the perfect gateway tool: Mibond.

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