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Steps and Methods to Polish Stone

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Now more and more people like to play with stones, which are strange stones. But the strange stones on the market are often made by polishing and other methods. Maybe many people are not very familiar with the method of stone polishing, so, here we will tell you about the steps and method of stone polishing.


Polishing method of marble stone


Stone polishing is an important process for stone conservation. Some stones can be polished directly by different power tools such as small power sander, rotary tool with right bits, mini grinding pen and so on. Of course, some hand tools also can finish this work such as mini hand sander, handheld rotary tools. Only hand tools will waste more time. But for the fine work, sometimes it must be done by hand. Then what is the purpose of polishing? In fact, the main purpose of polishing is to increase the brightness of the stone surface. Stone polishing is generally carried out according to the procedure of rough grinding → semi-fine grinding → fine grinding → fine grinding → polishing, and some of the rough grinding steps can be omitted, which mainly depend on whether the surface of the original stone has undergone preliminary treatment.


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Coarse grinding: it requires that the grinding disc is deep, but the grinding efficiency is high and the grinding pattern is coarse, so the ground surface is rough. It mainly removes the saw blade marks left by the stone in the previous process and the smoothness of the stone, and the modeling surface is ground in place.


Semi-fine grinding: it removes the traces of rough grinding to form new finer lines after semi-fine grinding by small power grinder, which can make the surface of the stone smooth.


Fine grinding: after the fine grinding by power grinding machine, the pattern, particles and color of the stone surface have been clearly displayed, and the surface is fine and smooth, and there is a weak gloss.


Precise grinding: The surface of the stone is without any traces of naked eye after the precision grinding by the handheld power grinder or handheld grinding pen. And the surface becomes smoother, and the gloss can reach up to 55 degrees or more.


Polishing: Use a special granite polishing machine to grind the stone from coarse to fine stone and from No. 50 to No. 3000 to make the ground bright and smooth as new. The polished stone surface is as bright as a mirror, and its gloss can reach over 85 degrees.


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According to different types of stone, different polishing processes are used.


1. Polishing process of flat plate


Check the condition of the material - glue repair - check before starting - upper plate  trimming - start each grinding head in turn - observe the polishing situation - adjust the polishing parameters  drying - waxing, cleaning  inspection - lower plate-packaging.


2. The polishing process of arc panel


Check the condition of the material - glue repair - manual rough grinding  inspection - upper board - check before starting - rough grinding - check rough grinding - fine grinding  polishing - check polishing condition - lower board.

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