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The Characteristics of Small Electric Grinder

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The electric grinder tool has won unanimous praise from many users due to its small structure and good performance. It is also widely used in many occasions, but for small electric grinders, many people still do not understand more about it. Today, we will introduce to you the relevant knowledge about the small electric grinder, and let us get to know together.


Features of small electric grinder


1) The main body of the electric grinder is composed of an electric motor with a power of 200 watts and a soft whip with a pen-shaped cap. According to the application needs, various types of drill bits, cutting discs, grinding heads, and polishing heads can be selected and equipped. Generally speaking, there are three components: control box, handle, and pedal speed switch. Because its speed is higher than that of large electric grinders and can be chosen, it is more stable, people can hardly feel jitter when using. So, it is more suitable for precision carving, seal cutting, polishing and other work.


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2) The soft whip of the electric grinder is composed of a hollow soft cable with a wire rope that can roll freely. The end of the soft whip is connected with a pen-shaped cap. The pen-shaped cap is about 15 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter. The core is connected with the motor by a flexible cable. Because of its delicate shape, the operation is very sensitive and convenient.



Precautions for the use of small electric grinder


1) When installing the flexible shaft or changing the grinding head, it is necessary to ensure that the power plug is unplugged. It is necessary to lock the chuck between the flexible shaft and the body, and between the flexible shaft and the grinding head with a small wrench. When the electric mill is connected to the power, the power switch must be OFF. Before processing, in addition to fixing the workpiece firmly, the electric grinder should also be tested. Only after confession that there is no abnormality, the processing operation can be performed.


9-metal electric grinder

2) Before operation, the grinding heads used should be carefully checked. It is forbidden to use damaged or cracked grinding heads. Remember to wear protective goggles when using. When processing parts, the pressure exerted by the hand on the electric grinder should be properly controlled, and excessive force should not be used. When using the cut-off piece for processing, it is necessary to ensure that it can avoid hurting people from the cut-off piece in case people violate the tangent direction of the cut-off piece.


After listening to the above introduction to the characteristics and precautions of small electric grinders, everyone must have a better understanding of small electric grinder. The role of the small electric grinder is obvious, and its extremely strong performance is also recognized by most of people, so it is inevitable that it is popular on the market. But here we still want to remind everyone who want to buy to pay more attention when purchasing. 

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