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The Essential Tool in the Toolbox – Power Grinder

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Electric grinder is also called multi-function electric grinder, engraving grinder machine and engraving grinder pen. It is one of the essential tools in the toolbox. According to the size, it can be divided into conventional, small and micro type. In this article, we will introduce for you the use of the reliable electric grinder and some relevant knowledge. 


How to use electric grinder?


1. The electric grinder's motor uses 220 volt alternating current, the power is generally 120-250 watts, and the speed can be controlled at 8000-30,000 rpm.



2. The soft whip of the electric grinder is composed of a hollow soft cable with a wire rope that can rotate freely. The end of the soft whip is connected with a pen-shaped cap. The pen-shaped cap is about 15 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter. The core is connected with the motor by a soft cable. Because of its compact shape, the operation is very flexible and convenient.


3. Accessories for electric grinders: the sleeve head can be installed with drill bits of 0.3-2mm. Except for drill bits, other accessories such as cutting discs, grinding heads, polishing heads, etc. are connected by a shaft with a diameter of 2mm. The diameter of the cutting piece is about 25mm. Because of its small diameter, you can freely change the cutting direction to make a patterned incision. The incision width is no more than 1mm. When cutting iron plates less than 0.7mm in thickness, the incision is not hot. The cutting discs with different materials can cut different materials, such as iron, aluminum, alloy, wood, plastic, etc. The cutting disc and carving head with emery can be used to carve patterns on glass and jade.


4. Micro electric grinder: usually it is composed of three parts: control box, handle, and pedal speed switch. Because its speed is higher than that of large electric grinder, and 30000-50000 rpm is available for selection, it is stable and you hardly feel dithering, so it is more suitable for fine carving, seal cutting, polishing and other operations.


Instructions for use and maintenance of electric grinder


1. After the flexible shaft and the electric grinder body are connected, do not disassemble frequently unless there are special circumstances.


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2. After the electric mill is running for about 15-20 minutes, please stop and cool it down.


3. For unfamiliar processing procedures or processing materials, please adjust the electric power grinding speed, especially for plastics, glass and other materials that are not resistant to high temperatures. Pay attention to low-speed operation, otherwise the material will be burnt and the grinding head will be damaged.


4. Please do experiments on waste materials for the first time using electric grinder to accumulate experience.


5. The resin cutting sheet is thin and fragile. When entering the knife, lift and lower it gently. Keep the cutting sheet perpendicular to the workpiece and do not shake.


6. Frequently check whether the power cord is well connected and firmly, whether the plug is loose and bent, and whether the switch action and the speed control button are flexible and reliable.

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