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The Power Tool Market Ushered In New Competitiveness

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The entire domestic electric power tool application market can be divided into electric grinder pen, electric wrenches, pistol drills, and even mini electric grinder pens, garden tools, vacuum cleaners and so on. At present, the whole electric tool market is still in the initial stage, and the entire space will grow rapidly in the future, and the requirements for technology will be further improved.


Market trends will soon carry out technological innovations. The energy efficiency and human body experience of traditional serial motors are relatively poor. In addition, because of the long-term price war, many factories that make serial motors have no profit at all. Both users and manufacturers want to push new technologies forward. At present, the proportion of the entire mini electric grinder pen is not very high. If the upstream and downstream are promoted together in the future, the replacement of pen simple grinder with electric pen grinder will become faster and faster, and the proportion will also become higher.



With the continuous development of power tools, future products also put forward new requirements and challenges for power tools, and will also show market potential in new fields. The new challenge of future products to power tools is mainly technological innovation. The energy efficiency, production, and damage rate of traditional series motors are relatively high. If they are changed to mini grinder pen, the human experience and the entire service life of the product will be greatly enhanced.


Regarding the challenges faced, as a production tool, power tools are also a consumable. It has a much higher cost than traditional ones. Therefore, in the future, the cost will be further reduced, and then the reliability of the technology will be better. In the entire process of replacing new power tools, the first is that the cost is close, the second is that the life span is increased, and the third is that the new power tools replace traditional power tools, which can be used in some markets that traditional power tools cannot. After the improvement of new power tools technology, it is actually more helpful to the development of the entire era to do some new fields.


The application fields of grinder pens, electric tools, electric wrenches, fans, pen style automatic grinder, and vacuum cleaners, will have a greater market development in the future, because they have a big improvement in people's feelings.


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Power tool products have higher and higher requirements for chip integration. At present, customers we have learned will require some SOC chips, mini electric grinder pens to integrate power supplies into the MCU as expected. In the future, they will not rule out that they will integrate some power devices. The hair tube is also integrated into the chip, and this is already in demand in some low-power electric tools. SOC chips must be a strong demand and the trend of future development.


In fact, electric tools will be intelligent in the future, which is combined with the electrification of the whole society. If the specific application of some products can reflect the efficiency, safety and stability of production, then life will be very convenient. For example, pen mini grinder, mini electric grinder engraving pens, the cleaning of robots and household hygiene, including the cleaning of personal hygiene in the future, can realize intelligent electric tools and improve the corresponding service quality. This has great potential in future intelligence.


In fact, the scope of electric tools can be expanded, including newest electrical grinder pen that also belong to the scope of electric tools. In addition, many service facility environmental monitoring can also be implemented in electric measurement facilities. With the development of society, the electrification of 5G communications will bring more new products to be used in power tools.

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