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The Safety Measures about Using Power Tools

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Do you know how to properly use different power tools, such as hand held sanders, mini power grinders etc.? And what are the safety measures which people need to pay attention to? In this article, we will talk about the safety measures and maintenance of electric drills and power grinder machine, and hope it is useful for you.



Safety measures of using electric drill


(1) Follow the rules to safely use various power tools.

(2) Do not use wires or plugs to drag the electric drill.

(3) Ensure that the workpiece to be drilled is firmly fixed, and otherwise the workpiece will easily rotate during the drilling process and cause personal injury.

(4) When the electric drill gets hot, lubricating oil is needed.

(5) When the electric drill is working, it is necessary to wear a face mask or goggles to prevent flying iron filings and particles from flying into the eyes.

(6) Continuously change speed during drilling, so that chip breaking can be achieved.

(7) When operating the electric drill, do not adjust the speed too fast, and do not apply too much pressure on the electric drill, because this will overheat the drill and damage it.

(8) Check whether the speed set by the electric drill is reasonable. When drilling small holes, the drilling speed can be faster, and when drilling large holes, it can be slower.

(9) Before using the drill, check whether the drill is sharp and reliable.

(10) In order to avoid damage to the drill bit and injury to people and objects, reduce the applied force when the drill bit is about to drill through the workpiece.

(11) Put a label on the drill in question.


Maintenance of electric drill


(1) Use the drill key frequently to check the working condition of the chuck.

(2) Regularly check the insulation performance of wires, plugs and shells.

(3) After use, the electric drill should be put back in the tool box and stored in a dry place.


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Safety measures of using grinder tool set


(1) Check whether the grinding wheel is damaged or cracked, otherwise, the damaged part will fly away from electric tool grinder and cause casualties.

(2) Before grinding, let the grinding wheel be drilled at a certain speed for at least one minute to allow the grinding wheel to reach the highest speed.

(3) Ensure that the electric tool grinder is covered by more than half of the protective body.

(4) Wear special glasses or face shields when operating the grinder.

(5) When grinding the workpiece, do not use excessive force to prevent damage to the grinder and the workpiece from slipping off the hand.

(7) Do not place the workpiece on the upper part of the grinding wheel for grinding.

(8) When using a small hand held grinder to grind a workpiece, do not only use one side of the grinding wheel.


Maintenance of mini grinder set


(1) The grinding wheel must be polished and adjusted according to regulations.

(2) Replace the grinding wheel when it is worn out.

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