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The Usages of Rotary Tools

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In the daily life, the rotary tool is often used by people, such as rotary hammer drill, rotary cutting tool etc. Usually it is divided into handheld rotary tools and power rotary tools. We know that the rotary tool is a versatile tool that has many different applications. In simple words, it is a handheld tool with a fast spinning motor which is connected to a spindle. The output shaft of the motor can be connected with different bits, such as drills, milling cutters, grinding wheels, grinding heads, grinding wheels, cutting discs and other accessories through several kinds of chucks. So they can help to do different jobs. For the handheld rotary machines, because it is convenient to hold and it is relatively easy to process the surface of complex workpieces, the general merchants claim that it can be used for engraving and polishing. Then what are the usages of rotary tools? Generally speaking, rotary tools are especially used for grinding, cutting, and polishing. Here we will talk about it separately.




When people use it to grind things, they just attach a grinding bit to the rotary tool, then it can be used to grind almost anything including jades, diamonds etc. it also can eliminate the sharp edges of a workpiece. It can be said that the grinding action of the rotary tool is very good for deburring finished parts, sharpening blades, and honing other cutting products.





It is great to deal with different jobs for cutting applications. You just attach a right bit, and it will let you cut anything. For example, straight bits can help you to cut wood, drywall, and other light materials. Diamond or CBN tools can help you to cut super dense materials such as steel, diamond and so on.




As previous mentioned that it is a small and versatile tool which can make carving job since it is easy to use. You can attach carbide bits on rotary tool for wood and metal to help you to finish the decorative projects. You even can use it to carve a pumpkin if you have interests.


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Glass work


The rotary tool with a diamond bit is very suitable for cutting and engraving glass products. And you only use diamond bits on glass products, due to common bit will make the glass products broken, which will make you feel frustrated when you see your glass product is broken. When using it, you should pay attention to safety, and wear the gloves to avoid your hands being injuries.


Polishing and cleaning


Rotary tool attached with right bit can do polishing and cleaning jobs. You just apply some polishing compound to the buffing bit before turning on the tool, and then polish and clean. Usually when the medium speed is ok, which can avoid the compound flying off the bit.


Of course, if you want to improve the usage of rotary tool, you may consider attaching a diamond abrasive disc, so that it can have the function of grinding, polishing, and deburring. In short, the versatile rotary tools are really very useful. 

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