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The effect of polishing wax

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1.Basic introduction


The main function of polishing wax is grinding. Polishing wax can protect the paint film of furniture from dampness, scratches and burns. The correct use of polished wax can make new furniture shine, and make old furniture like new one. But if the polish wax use method is wrong, not only won't produce good result, still can make furniture less beautiful.




2.Detailed introduction


(1) Yellow polishing wax


It has a certain cutting rate, and it is characterized by low price, high quality, wide use and so on. This product is used in rough grinding process, suitable for polishing stainless steel, copper, aluminum, such as stainless steel rotary saw blade and stainless steel rotary drill. It is used to remove trachoma, burr, and to smooth the rough surface. You can use it with an electric polisher or a drill polisher.


(2) Purple polishing wax


It is characterized by strong cutting force, simple operation and highly versatility. Purple polishing wax is used in rough grinding process, suitable for polishing iron, steel, copper, aluminum, such as iron drill kit. Its function is to remove trachoma, burr, and to smooth the rough surface. It can be used for the polishing of decorative tubes. You can use it with a metal polishing machine or an aluminum polishing kit.


(3) Black polishing wax


Its cutting force is superior to purple polishing wax, and it has a wide range of applications. This product is suitable for polishing iron, stainless steel, tableware, such as stainless steel roto hammer drill.


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(4) Metal polish


It is a toothpaste body made through special treatment. It is a fine chemical product with fine abrasive sand, alumina and polishing oil and other minerals. Its function is metal surface decontamination and polishing and metal surface protection. It can be classified into two kinds: imported metal polish and domestic metal polish. There are many famous brands of imported metal polish. Although the imported metal polish has beautiful appearance, it is expensive. It is used for polishing high - grade mold and precision instrument, such as mini rotary tool.


Having read the above content, I believe you have a more profound understanding of the role of polishing wax. The presence of polishing wax allows many things to maintain luster and be as bright as new. Besides, all the tools mentioned above are available at Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd. This company sells many kinds of tools, such as rotary tools, grinder tools, power tools, drill tools, sculpture making tools. Most tools need polishing wax. They also need polishing tools. Go to the company's official website and you'll find stone polisher grinder, wood buffer polisher, stone polishing tools and many other polishing tools.

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