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Tips for Safe Using Hand or Power Tools

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According to statistics, the injuries caused by the danger of hand and power tools are evident in the emergency room visits each year. But many of these injuries are caused by misusing tools and not working safely. Therefore, using correctly hand tools and professional power tools, such as small hand sander, mini power grinder etc. with the proper safety measures, people can significantly reduce the chance of injury or an accident. In this article, we will introduce some tips for safely using hand tools or different power tools, which are equivalent to an online safety training in order to let you stay safe out of the hazard and make life a little easier, and we hope that the contents in this article are helpful for you.


1. Buy good quality tools such as hammers and cutters, which should be made of good stainless steels, and some tools should be heat-treated.


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2. Ensure to maintain the hand tools and power tools through regular maintenance especially various power tools, such as electric pen grinder, electric stone grinder etc.


3. Always inspect your tools to make sure they are in good shape and fit for normal use.


4. Do follow the instructions of manufacturers in order to keep safe when using your tools.


5. It is recommended that you need to wear appropriate working clothes and personal protective equipments such as wearing leather gloves when using some home use power tools.


6. Choose the right tool for the job. That is to say, you should never try to use a wrench as a hammer.


7. Be sure that your feet are stood on the stable surface when using some tools such as grinding and sharpening.


8. Be aware of the people around you and ensure that they stay safe distance from the tools you are using.


9. Do not carry pointed tools in your pockets, you should carry the tools in a special toolbox or cart instead.


10. When working aloft, never leave tools lying out in the areas where they could present danger to people below.


11. Be sure to prepare extra tools handy in case the tool you had planned to use is damaged.


12. Make sure secure work with a clamp or vise to keep it from slipping when appropriate.


13. Do inspect your tools regularly and check whether they are damaged and need to be changed.


14. Ensure tools are stored in a safe place and avoid children touching.


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How to safely use electric power tools?


You should never use electric power tools in wet conditions unless the instructions approve for that use.


Do keep floors dry and clean to avoid slipping or tripping hazard when working with dangerous tools.


Do not carry a power tool by its cord.


Make sure they are plugged into a grounded receptacle when using tools with double insulated or three pronged cord. 

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