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Tips to Choose Electric Tools

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In daily life, people often use different electric tools, such as electric wood carving tools, small electric drills etc. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the good power tools.


First of all, according to your own needs, you choose whether it is for home use or professional use. Usually, the difference between professional power tools and general household power tools is mainly in power. Professional electric tools are more powerful than those used in general households. The tool power for household is small, and the input power is also small and compact. And the highly integrated electric tools are more convenient to use than large and single-function products. Therefore, you should try to choose power tools with rich functions, small size, simple structure. And you had better to avoid choosing tools with obvious shadows and dents, but choose those with no scratches or bumps, and the relevant paint is smooth and beautiful without defect.


6-different electric tools

If it is the new power tool, the surface of the tool is free of oil and stains, the handle of the switch should be without any burrs, and the relevant marks on the tool are clear and complete such as parameters, manufacturers, trademarks etc. What is more, you need to check whether they are equipped with hand-held tools and parts, and you had better to operate the switch to start the tool to observe whether the on-off function of the tool is reliable and whether it affects the TV or fluorescent lamp at the scene. Then you determine whether the tool is equipped with an anti-interference suppressor. Next, let the tool run for 1 minute to feel the vibration and observe whether the reversing spark and the air inlet are normal.


5. power tool

In addition, it is suggested that you choose power tools with noise within the allowable range, and power tools that are easy to maintain and get accessories, which will avoid some troubles in the future. When selecting power tools, you should pay attention to the power supply voltage used. Generally, hand-held power tools need to provide 22V city power as an energy drive. And you should not connect to 380V industrial power, otherwise the machine will be damaged. For renovation workers, versatile tools are available. For example, they often drill holes in concrete walls, and a two kilogram electric hammer is the best choice. Due to the cylinder structure of the electric hammer, the hammering force is very high. If it is equipped with an adapter rod and a chuck of ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the function of a hand electric drill, and it can achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions.


Here we recommend you to choose the professional manufacturers to purchase the versatile power tools. Mibond is a professional manufacturer which specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing complete equipment for processing, and has ranked the top in the field of manufacturing. The products are well sold both at home and abroad. If you have requirements for the power tools, you may contact with them. 

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