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What Are Rough Machining Tools?

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Rough machining is a process. When carving, the outside material is cut off until the final volume of the sculpture is left, that is,the act of removing the rough part of the material. When artists roughen stones (or other materials) before they start to use them and shape them, they also make sure the stones are kept clean and smooth.



1. Why Need Rough Machining?

If the engraving plate is large and it should be carved deeply, rough machining is usually necessary by some tools and then it should be engraved with fine sculpting knife. Fine carving knife is thin and the feed of fine carving knife should be slow and dense. When fine carving can not be done in one layer with sculpture making tools, rough machining should be carried out. If there are more than two layers, the bottom one must be fine carving and the top one can walk fast with a rough knife.


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Many people carry out rough machining because of the poor performance of the machine. They can not cut 5mm or 10mm at a time. They need a big knife to cut once and then they need a small knife to carve a few tenths of a millimeter. Of course, there is also a fine carving of more than 5mm, which has high requirements for the operation ability of the machine.



2. The Role of Rough Machining

① It can reduce the amount of depth of cut in fine machining.


② It can reduce the amount of chip and rough sound when finishing.


③ It can reduce the knife breakage of fine machining.


④ The tool tip offset caused by cutting thickness can be reduced.


⑤ It can save time.



3. Rough Machining Tools for Wood Carving

(1) Auxiliary Tools

Auxiliary tools include axe (for wood roughing and modeling), saw (for cutting raw materials, wire saw is recommended), hammer (generally to assist woodcut knife), file (such as assorted file, which can be for roughing in the early stage and rough grinding in carving).


(2) Worktable and Wire Saw

The worktable is generally to fix wood for convenient processing and there are many DIY workbench kits. Novices can buy a small one or buy a jaw vice to clamp on the table. The price of wire saw is higher and the function can be replaced by the auxiliary tools mentioned above.


(3) Electrical Grinding Machine

Grinder electric is the electric version of wood cutter, which is more efficient and easier to process. It is mainly for the processing of harder wood. Electrical grinding machine also includes hand grinder tool, grinder power tool and blade grinder machine, etc.


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(4) Woodcut Knife

Only oblique knife, flat knife and semicircle knife are needed. When carving with wood sculpting knife, softer wood must be chosen, such as basswood, camphorwood, etc.


(5) Pointed Chisel

Pointed chisels are for rapid rough machining. For example, if it is applied properly in stone carving, sharp chisels can output a considerable amount of materials by rough machining. And they can also leave parallel lines of texture, giving the stone a sense of simple and unadorned.


DIY multi tool has the characteristics of low machining accuracy and poor surface quality. It is generally for semi finishing, finishing preparation. It is convenient for the subsequent processing to be faster and more convenient.

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