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What Are Several Common Metal Cutting Methods?

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The first step of metal processing is cutting, simply cutting off the raw materials or the blank being obtained by shape separation. Common metal cutting methods include grinding wheel cutting, saw cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. Metal cutting tools include metal cut off grinder, grinder for metal cutting, best grinder for cutting metal, etc.


1. Grinding Wheel Cutting

It is a common cutting method to adopt high-speed rotating grinding wheel to cut steel. Grinding wheel cutting is light, flexible, simple and convenient. It is widely applied in various occasions, especially in construction sites and interior decoration. It is mainly to cut off some small diameter square tubes, round tubes and special-shaped tubes.




2. Sawing

The method of cutting the workpiece or material out of the slot by saw blade is called sawing. Saw cutting is carried out by metal band sawing machine. Cutting material is the most basic requirement of metal processing, so sawing machine is the standard configuration of machining industry. It is necessary to select the appropriate saw blade according to the hardness of the material and adjust the best cutting speed.



3. Flame Cutting (Gas Cutting)

The process of flame cutting is to heat the metal, soften it and finally melt it through the chemical reaction between oxygen and hot steel. Acetylene or natural gas is often utilized as heating gas. Flame cutting can only cut carbon plate. It is not suitable for other types of metal, such as stainless steel or copper aluminum. The advantage of flame cutting is low cost and the maximum cutting thickness can reach two meters. The disadvantages are that the heat affected zone and thermal deformation are relatively large. The cross section is rough and there are many hanging slags. Considering the subsequent processing, more allowance should be put.



4. Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting method is a kind of processing method, which makes the metal partial melting (and evaporation) at the workpiece incision with the heat of high temperature plasma arc and eliminate the molten metal to form the incision with the momentum of high-speed plasma. Plasma is generally to cut materials with thickness less than 100 mm.



5. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is to heat, locally melt and vaporize metal to complete the cutting of materials with high-energy laser beam. It is usually applied for high-efficiency and precision cutting of steel sheet (<30mm). Laser cutting quality is very excellent. Not only the cutting speed is fast, the dimensional accuracy is also very high (up to ±0.05mm). And because the laser beam is acting on a very small area, so the heat affected zone is very small and the workpiece almost does not deform. In terms of cutting quality, laser is better than plasma. In terms of cutting speed, plasma is faster than laser.



6. Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a kind of processing method which to cut metal with high pressure water. With the continuous improvement of technology, high-pressure water mixed with garnet sand, emery powder and other abrasives to assist cutting to improve the cutting speed and cutting thickness (up to 200 mm). The accuracy of water jet cutting can reach ±0.4mm or higher. Any material can be cut with water knife one time cutting of arbitrary curve. The biggest advantage of water jet is that the heat generated during cutting will be immediately taken away by the high-speed water jet and there is no thermal effect.


In addition, some metal grinders can also be applied to cut metal, including grinder for metal cutting, metal cut off grinder, etc.



In conclusion, various metal cutting methods can be selected according to the specific situation. DIY power tools include portable electric drill, electric polisher, power tool combo kits, etc.

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