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What Are Some Common Tools for Woodworking DIY?

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In recent years, the general mood of carpentry is becoming more and more popular. Essential DIY woodworking tools for beginners can be divided into protective tools, hand woodworking tools, carpentry power tools, pneumatic tools, small woodworking machinery and finishing tools for painting.



1. Safety Protection Tools

There is often dust or the application of some dangerous electric machinery in the wood work, so the necessary protective measures are essential. Safety protection tools mainly include goggles, dust mask or respirator, hearing protection, protective gloves, appropriate clothing, etc.


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2. Ten Common Tools of Woodworking DIY

(1) Plane

Plane is the most basic woodworking hand tool. According to the utilization habits of woodworking in different regions, it is generally divided into Chinese plane, Japanese plane, European plane, etc.


(2) Saw

Saw is also one of the most basic woodworking hand tools. Generally, a manual saw is called a hand saw. There are many kinds of hand saws, such as Chinese frame saws, Japanese knife saws, European back saws, cutting board saws and so on. The function and usage of each saw are slightly different.


(3) Chisel

Chisels are also hand tools, but they are not as common as planes and saws. There are two kinds of basic chisels, heavy chisel and flat chisel. Heavy chisel is mainly for drilling holes and flat chisel is mainly for repairing mortise and tennon joint.


(4) Wood File

Wood file is a sharp hand tool for shaping. It is used to file holes, corners, grooves or to trim irregular surfaces of components. According to its shape, it can be divided into flat file, round file and flat file.


(5) Hammer

Woodworking hammers can be divided into wooden hammers, iron hammers and rubber hammers. It is better to have one each. Wooden hammer is for carving or chiseling. Iron hammer is for hammering nails or heavy chisels and rubber hammer is mainly for installation.


(6) Electric Hand Drill

Portable electric drill is the most common and easy tool, which can rotate forward or reverse and rotation speed can be adjusted. Drill kit can be applied for drilling metal materials, wood, plastic, etc. It can also be used as a screwdriver.


(7) Hand Held Curve Saw

Curve saw is a sharp tool for sawing boards in furniture DIY. It can be used with bench drill to saw various hollow patterns. It is very convenient for some larger boards to saw curves. The disadvantage is that too thick board can not be sawed and the surface sawed is not smooth enough.


(8) Electric Router

Electric router is also called hand-held engraving machine. It drives different configuration of milling cutter through the high-speed operation of the motor, processing different depth and different shapes of cavity patterns. Electric router has many functions, such as profiling, cutting, slotting, trimming and so on. Therefore, it is known as theking of woodworking electrical tools. Although it is difficult to use, it is still worth recommending.


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(9) Percussion Drill

Percussion drill works by rotation and impact, which is similar to electric hand drill, but they can not replace each other. Single impact is very slight, but the impact frequency of more than 40000 times per minute can produce continuous force. It can be applied for natural stone or concrete, which is a necessary tool for home decoration.


(10) Manual Grinder

Manual grinder is a grinding tool. Instead of manual sanding, it greatly improves the efficiency of DIY production. Moreover, portable grinder is easy to carry and cheap. The only disadvantage is that dust collection is a big problem, so try to carry a dust mask when in use. In addition, grinder tool also includes grinder electric.


Some woodworking tools have great security risks in use, so they must be operated carefully. Different protective measures should also be taken before operation.

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