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What Are Wood Surface Treatment Methods and Techniques?

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In order to get the surface of smooth, with same color and pattern and high performance, generally the surface of wood products should be pretreated before coating. Tools for grinding wood include wood grinding disk, pen mini grinder, rotary tool accessory set grinder, etc.



1. Drying of Wood

Humidity is the most important factor affecting the adhesion of coatings on wood substrate. Therefore, the moisture content of wood must be strictly controlled. Moisture content of wood should be measured by hygrometer before painting or sealing. Generally, moisture content of outdoor wood should be less than 9%~14%. Moisture content of indoor wood should be less than 5%~11%. Moisture content of floor wood should be less than 6%~9%. If the wood is placed outdoors overnight or after rain before painting , the humidity will rise, so it is not suitable for painting. Wood drying methods generally adopt natural drying (natural volatilization, wind, sun) or low temperature drying.

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2. Solve the Defects of Wood Surface Caused by Natural and Mechanical Processing

All large cracks, wormholes, through joints, resin pockets, etc. should be filled with wood block of the same species in the same direction as the fiber. In order to prevent the resin from seeping out at the wood knots, quick drying paint, such as shellac paint and nitro varnish, can be applied to seal the surface. The seeping resin can be wiped off with acid or solvent and small cracks can be filled with putty.



3. Dirt on Wood Surface

It is hard to avoid some grease and glue marks on wood products in the process of processing. In addition, a lot of dust will fall on the surface of blank wood products or parts in the process of production, transportation and storage. When it is sanded with sandpaper or belt, a large amount of abrasive dust will accumulate. If these dirty substances are not removed in time, it will affect the adhesion of the film and the clarity of the transparent wood grain. The dust and debris on the surface of wood can be cleaned with wet cloth, compressed air blowing and brown brush.



4. Remove Pine Resin

There are turpentine and rosin in the resin, which will affect the adhesion and color uniformity of wood coating. In the case of high temperature, the resin will overflow from the wood, causing the coating sticky.


The common method to remove rosin is to clean it with organic solvent, such as alcohol, turpentine, gasoline, toluene and acetone, or with alkali, such as 5%, 6% sodium carbonate solution or 4%, 5% caustic soda solution, to saponify rosin. And then scrub it with brush or sponge dipped in hot water. After the surface is clean, brush 12 layers of insect glue paint on the cleaning part to prevent the resin in the inner layer of wood from seeping out.



5. Bleaching

Many wood contains natural pigments, such as mulberry, red sandalwood, with yellow, purple, red pigments. The pigment of wood sometimes needs to be retained to play a decorative role. If the wood products are to be painted with light color or any color unrelated to the original material color, the surface of the blank of the wood products shall be bleached. In general, bleaching treatment is often carried out on the dark local surface to make the color of wood surface consistent before coating.


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6. Dyeing

In order to get the wood surface with beautiful texture and uniform color, wood products generally need to be dyed. Wood dyeing can be divided into water color dyeing and wine color dyeing. Water color applies the aqueous solution of dye, while wine color applies the alcohol solution of dye. It is better to apply acid dyes to prepare water color dyes. Alcohol soluble base dyes are the best way to prepare wine color dyes.


In a word, wood can be used skillfully according to different characteristics of different wood. Grinder polisher includes wood buffer polisher, metal polishing machine, etc.



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