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What Are the Different Types of Wood Cutting Tools?

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Wood cutting tools include electric and manual cutting tools. The selection of appropriate electric tools for wood processing can effectively improve work efficiency and product quality, so it is very necessary to fully understand the performance and characteristics of all kinds of electric tools cutting. Carpentry power tools include portable polishing machine, drill machine kit, etc.



1. Curve Saw

The curve saw is mainly for cutting metal and nonferrous metal. When metal is cut, the chip disposal ability is stronger. When the sawtooth is larger, the efficiency of cutting wood and other wood products is higher. Carbon steel curve saw is for cutting all kinds of wood and nonmetal. The curve saw is not omnipotent. It should be purchased according to the actual working condition.


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The curve saw is suitable for straight cutting, circular cutting and arc cutting (applicable for MOD chassis and speaker opening), bevel edge cutting, etc. Curve saws can be fitted with various blades to suit different types of solid wood, such as plywood, particleboard and hardboard. The curve saw is especially suitable for cutting wood.



2. Circular Saw

Circular saw is a kind of tool which uses single-phase series excited motor as power and then drives circular saw blade for sawing operation through transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability and high efficiency. It is mainly for cutting wood, MDF, blockboard and plate board, etc. Woodworking circular saw is the simplest and most commonly applied equipment in wood processing enterprises.



3. Electric Grinder

Electric grinder is also called multifunctional electric grinder, engraving machine. Its shape is small and its operation is flexible and convenient. The main body of mini electric grinder is composed of a motor with a power of about 200 watts and a soft whip with a pen shaped insert. According to the requirements of utilization, various types of drills can be selected, such as cutting blade, grinding head, polishing head, etc.


When the cutting blade is selected by tool grinder, the diameter of the cutting blade is smaller, about 25 mm, and the cutting direction can be changed at will to make cutting mouth with pattern. The width of cut mouth should not exceed 1 mm. When grinder tool cuts iron sheet with thickness less than 0.7mm, the cut is not hot. With different materials of cutting blades, it can cut different materials, such as iron sheet, aluminum sheet, alloy sheet, wood sheet, plastic sheet and so on. The cutting blade and carving head with emery can carve patterns on glass and jade.



4. Angle Saw

Angle saws are suitable for all types of general joinery, such as cutting boards, skirting boards, guide rails and lintels. It can achieve any cutting, including cutting with angle and title.


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5. Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are usually for demolition work rather than for processing work. This is because they are best suited to make quick androughcuts. They are not suitable for any kind of precise cutting.

Therefore, they are usually applied to remove old window frames or even cut tree roots. Because of its shape, a reciprocating saw is usually applied to cut places that other electric tools cannot reach.



6. Grinder Polisher Machine

Grinder polisher machine is a kind of hand operated electric tools for wood surface polishing. The key to the operation of mini grinder polisher is to get the maximum polishing speed so as to remove the damaged layer as soon as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer should not affect the final effect of small polishing machine.


In addition, there are some common hand cutting tools, including hand saw and hand chisel. Of course, the specific application depends on the situation at that time.


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