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What Are the Electric Grinders Used for Metal Rust Removal?

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Common Metal Derusting Methods 


For aluminum products, soak the aluminum products with black spots in vinegar diluent, take it out after about ten minutes, and rinse with water to remove rust.


For copper products, dip a cloth in vinegar, then add fine salt grains to scrub and wipe, and finally rinse with water to remove rust.


For gold and silver jewelry, directly soak the jewelry in dilute acid for a few minutes, and then treat it with water after taking it out. The jewelry is as bright as new.


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Metal rust removal is very difficult, so it is best to pay attention to prevent metal rust.


If you want to use rusted metal, you must first remove the rust. Depending on the amount, area, and purpose of the metal, the rust removal methods used are different. What are the common rust removal methods?


Methods of Removing Rust from Metals


1. Manual derusting method


Tools mainly include wire brushes, sandpaper, metal grinding wheel for angle grinder, hand crank sharpening stone, files, wire scraping brushes, files, scrapers, etc. This method refers to the processing method of manual grinding with wire brush, sandpaper or scraper to remove the rust layer, oxide scale, casting sand, etc. on the metal surface. For removing rust on the inner surface of the steel pipe, a round wire brush can be used to pull back and forth. The internal and external surfaces must be thoroughly derusted to expose the metallic luster as qualified, then wipe it with clean waste cotton yarn or waste cloth, and finally blow with compressed air. This method is the most primitive and most commonly used method for removing rust, which is flexible and convenient, but it has low production efficiency and high labor intensity.


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2. Roller derusting method


Roller descaling is to put metal workpieces and pig iron castings without special-shaped angles and external threads in a slow-rotating hexagonal or circular roller. Due to the rotation of the drum, dirt such as rust and oxide scale is removed by the impact of friction and rolling. The number of workpieces to be cleaned in the drum should be less than 2/3 of the drum volume, and the drum will be filled with angular iron sand, iron filings, emery, etc. Some also add chemicals such as sodium sulfite, soda ash, soap powder, water, etc. to achieve the purpose of rust and oil removal at the same time. The speed is generally not more than 40r/min, if the speed is too fast, it will damage the surface of the workpiece.


This type of method is only suitable for metal workpieces that do not require high surface smoothness. If the speed is not well controlled, the solvent will damage the surface of the workpiece.


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