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What Are the Manual Carving Steps?

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Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, which is often calledfolk craftin China. Wood carving can be divided into three categories, three-dimensional round carving, root carving and relief carving. It is a kind of work separated from woodworking, which is calledFine Woodworkingin the classification of work. Wood carving beginners need to understand the manual carving steps. Wood sculpting tools include sculpting knife, wood sculpting power tools, wood polishing machine, etc.



1. Dehumidification

There is no way to create for wet wood, so dehumidification should be done first. Both atmospheric drying and conventional room drying are traditional wood drying methods, which are collectively referred to as conventional drying. In addition, there are dehumidification drying, vacuum drying, microwave drying and solar drying methods. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.


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2. Drawing Shapes

After the necessary cutting and planing of the selected wood block, the pattern or shape detail should be drawn on it with a pen. Different color lines can represent patterns at different positions and levels. Drawing shapes is regarded as a necessary process and skill.



3. Fine Carving

Repair the knife mark and chisel mark in the fine blank with the method of fine carving and thin knife, which makes the surface of the work fine and perfect. At this stage, the volume and lines of the work have become clear. Therefore, it is required that the knife technique should be fluent and the knife trace should be clear and fine so as to show the intention of the work accurately.



4. Grinding

Grind carefully with electric grinder tools according to the requirements of the work. Grinding machines include grinder machine for home, cutting grinder machines, rotary grinder, etc.



5. Coloring and Glazing

Prepare a hard brush, a small hard brush and a color mixing jar. Coloring pigment generally should be water-soluble, such as gouache, watercolor or shoe oil. They are characterized by small coverage and strong permeability. Acrylic paint in oil painting is not suitable for utilization.


60-2-portable electric drill

The main method of woodcarving coloring is to master the wood and pattern, which can still be seen under the cover of pigment, and some wood patterns are clearer through coloring. Therefore, it should be deployed properlyand not too thick in the deployment of color. The ratio of pigment to water is 30:1, which should be thin and transparent. In this way, the wood will not be covered even if it is repeated several times. The water content of the brush pen should not be too much and do not rush for success, otherwise some color deposition in deep concave is easy to produce uneven effect.


Coloring is not only to make up for the deficiency or defect of some wood, but also to enrich the beauty of material texture and work form. Therefore, the coloring of the work should be determined according to the circumstances, which should reflect the requirements of the content and form of the work as far as possible and meet the aesthetic feeling of natural wood.


Do not polish the wood immediately after coloring. Be sure to wait until it is dry (about 12 hours later). Wipe it with a clean cloth until it has a uniform luster and a smooth feel. Some works can be omitted according to the situation so that the background color of the wood is slightly exposed, forming a rich sense of color and also strengthening the sense of hierarchy of the works.


Many people think that it must be very difficult to learn wood carving. In fact, this is not a very difficult thing. As long as the method is learned, the rest is to practice more and the work will naturally get better and better.

DIY sculpting tools or professional sculpting tools are needed for carving.


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