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What Are the Most Commonly Used Sculpture Techniques?

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Sculpture art is a kind of plastic art, also known as sculpture. It is the general name of three creation methods, engraving, carving, sculpting. It refers to the application of a variety of plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay, etc.) or hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, etc.) that can be carved to create a visible and touchable artistic image with a certain space, so as to reflect social life and express artists' aesthetic feelings and ideals. Here are some of the most commonly used techniques in sculpture. Carving tools include stone sculpture tools, metal sculpting tools, wood sculpting tools, etc.



1. Yin Carving

Yin carving, also known as intaglio or incised carving, is a technique of concave engraving. It was first found in the character carving of seals and later developed into the decorative sculpture of various materials.


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2. Relief Carving

Relief carving, also known as yang carving, is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It deals with objects by compression and displays three-dimensional space by perspective and other factors. It can only be watched for one or two sides.



3. Round Carving

Round carving, also known as three-dimensional carving, refers to non compressed sculpture art with three-dimensional artistic sense. Round carving is the overall expression of art on the carving. The viewer can see all sides of the object from different angles. It requires sculptors to carve from front, back, left, right, top, middle and bottom.



4. Openwork Carving

In relief works, it is called openwork carving to keep the protruding part of the object and hollow out the background part partially or completely. Openwork carving is a kind of craft technique that hollows out the bottom of the pattern board base. It usually carves only the outer surface of the objects. Because this kind of carving hollows out the base, it can produce a kind of vision through the original material feeling, and has the smart beauty of relief carving.



5. Double-sided Carving

Double-sided is a kind of openwork, which is to carve both sides with a pattern. In this way, the same pattern can be enjoyed from both sides, which is novel, exquisite and lovely, similar to Suzhou's double-sided embroidery. The other is that different patterns can be carved on both sides of a piece of material and different themes can appear, which requires great wisdom and ingenious conception of the sculptor.


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6. Polishing

Artists hope to improve the final finish of the sculpture by improving the visual appearance and texture of the sculpture, so they will mechanically operate on the material surface with premium grinder or small DIY polishing machine. Wood polishing technology is also known as sanding, which can be carried out by sanding machine or hand sander. For other materials, such as copper, silver or gold, polishing with polishing tool is usually purely for decorative reasons to make them brighter or cleaner, or to improve texture.



If the raw material is a gift of nature, sculpture is a perfect combination of human wisdom and nature. DIY multi tools include DIY engraving pen, DIY hole punch, etc.


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