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What Are the Precautions for Cutting Metal?

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For experienced DIYers, cutting metal seems to be a simple matter. The metal cutting used in the home is mainly to replace or repair HVAC pipes, restore metal rainwater on the roof or prepare for metal process engineering.


No matter what kind of metal cutting, the tools and materials used to cut the metal themselves may pose a major safety risk.


Metal cutting tools mainly include hand held metal grinder, metal polishing grinder, metal cutting discs for angle grinder and metal cutting shears.


45-small rotary tool

1. Make sure to wear proper safety gear.


When cutting metal, you should wear gloves to protect your hands from vibration and excessive friction. You must also wear labor protection equipment as required, and you must wear protective glasses that meet the requirements. And you should wear a mask to prevent any stray fibers from spreading around. In addition, a pair of steel-toed shoes and a set of simple earplugs are essential. Metal cutting tools mainly include metal cut off grinder, buffing wheel for drill and electrical grinder.


2. Choose the right blade for the right material.


In order to fully cut the required material and avoid making chips, nicks and other dangerous interruptions to make metal fragments, be sure to choose the correct blade.


The metal cutting blade is simply a blade for metal cutting. There are many types of cutting chips, like our table, we need to use wood cutting chips for cutting. We all know that metal is a kind of material that is more difficult to cut, and we usually use resin grinding wheel cutting discs to operate. A lot of sparks are generated when cutting metal, so be careful when using blade grinder machine and electric angle grinder.


Grinder for cutting metal and portable metal grinder are represented by black or non-ferrous metals. The black blade is very suitable for cutting ferrous metals, such as stainless steel or cast iron. When cutting soft metals (such as aluminum or copper), choose a non-ferrous blade.


For best results, please use diamond saw blades and diamond polishing pads. Its excellent strength and hardness will help you make a neater cut.


3. Gang saw is the best overall choice for DIYer cutting metal.


For large pieces of metal, split saws are not the best choice. But in terms of settings, cutting time, stability, ease of use, portability and cutting effect, it is the best overall tool.



Cutting saws can be used with abrasive blades, although they wear out quickly and the polishing effect is not as good as carbide blades. There are many sizes and types of carbide cutting inserts, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


4. Daily check whether the accessories are in good condition. In order to prevent all fires, we also need to check whether the insulated cable is damaged or aging. After the inspection, plug in the power source before proceeding.


When working with dangerous and flammable materials, more than two fire extinguishers must be equipped.


After using it for a long period of 30 minutes, you should stop resting for more than 20 minutes and wait until it cools down before you can work. This prevents excessively high temperature during long-term use of the cutting blade, which is easy to damage and cause industrial accidents.


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